Get pumped for your session today, it’s windy outside! Heavy metal and heavy crashes, learning new tricks is all about taking the hits and working towards the glory! Join Spocky as he learns the late backroll kite loop with his buddy Jordan Heurtaux giving him demos and tips!

Few days of wind during May/June holidays and great sessions with Jordan Heurtaux, the French Lenten! So much motivation riding with him. Finally land my first late backroll kiteloop, that I was dreaming from years!
Nothing better than ride with friends who rip!

Enjoy and share if you like!
Supported by
– Cabrinha France
– KDC surfwear
– Ataoride kiteshop Brest
– NP surf
Music: METALLICA – Broken, Beat & Scarred

Sat 29th Jul, 2017 @ 9:00 am

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