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A heroic act from a kitesurfer rescuing a stranded and nearly unconscious windsurfer. Mauritius can be a dangerous place to ride. Be careful out there all of you.

On the bank put up a “red flag”, which means that access to water is not desirable and rescuers will not lower the boat into the water. All channels were blocked by large waves, which will not allow to go beyond the reef rescue. The gray sky looked like St. Petersburg in November. At around 16 o’clock I went to the beach in Le Morne and assessing the situation still decided to take a ride on a kite. The wind was not strong and the more southerly than usual. Inflate the kite 9 sq.m I went to the “small reef” to ride in relative safety (from there you can swim to the beach- if wind is turn off) waves got up randomly in different places, and the current was very strong. Having caught a few of them, I decided to come a little further away, to catch there anything interesting. Then I saw between the waves thrown windsurfing. Approaching closer to it, I realized that the mast is broken and torn sail. The thought came that someone threw the equipment or blew from somewhere. To pull out the windsurf falling among the three-meter wall of water I did not want. Thinking about all this, I cut a little higher and then I saw the guy…

Mon 21st Nov, 2016 @ 3:00 pm


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