The Hood Jam 2016 is on! Day one included a last-chance-to-qualify jam session, the addition of a new feature- the Cabrinha funbox- to the park, and an opening party hosted by The Local Grind and Blue Kiteboarding. If the level of riding in the qualifier is any indication of what’s to come… this week is going to be huge! The Slider Project provides details about day one, below.

Day 1 of the 2016 Hood Jam kicked off with a classic Gorge day, bringing sunny skies and strong west winds that filled in first thing Friday morning. Eleven men and two women vied for the two promised remaining spots (1 men’s and 1 women’s) in the Hood Jam main event.  Competitors rode in 25-minute jam format heats, with their best score on each feature counting toward their overall score.

Early on, standout kicker tricks were landed by World Champion, Christophe Tack who stomped a Moby-5 on his way to winning the men’s division thus earning a spot amongst the best park riders in the world.

Other standouts from the men’s divisions were finalists Jesse Richman and Oswald Smith who both landed impressive kicker hits and showed solid riding throughout the day, as well as Ramiro Gallant who laid down some of the most stylish and impressive slider hits of the day.  Final rankings for the men’s final were Christophe Tack 1, Jesse Richman 2, Oswald Smith 3, Ramiro Gallant 4.

For the women, it was Issy von Zastrow who barely nudged out Australia’s Katie Potter to take the win for the ladies. Issy von Zastrow joins Christophe Tack as the qualifier champions.  However, in the true nature of the Hood Jam event, organizers made a surprising call: due to the extraordinary level of riding amongst the top four men and two women, all six top competitors were invited to the main event.

The main event will start Saturday afternoon with possible first heats, a best trick kicker contest, or a freeride media session.  Make sure to follow The Slider Project facebook page for updates.

Sun 7th Aug, 2016 @ 12:00 am

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