Check out Nick Pike from Myrtle Beach in California a kiter who juggles chainsaws! He’s pretty handy with a strapless surfboard with a full-on array of tricks up his sleeve, did you know he was on America’s Got Talent too, not for his kitesurfing, but for his incredible juggling skills, no wonder he’s handy chucking that strapless board around! Watch him juggle a chainsaw HERE!

Riding 2016 North Neo’s on 5’5 CSC Pro.

About Nick:
Grew up windsurfing and body boarding in the UK,
Moved to Myrtle Beach USA in 2007,
Started windsurfing again in 2009
Converted to the dark side (Kiting in 2013)
Years kiting 4, Years riding Strapless 3.
Pre kite session music, Teisto Club life.
Favorite saying ” its windy!”

Tue 9th Aug, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

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