This isn’t your usual kitesurfing destination! The stunning Lofoten Islands probably won’t be in the holiday brochures amongst Brazil and the Caribbean but they are beautiful all the same! Karl Oskar Teien and his buddy Anders Melchior decided to head north into the Artic Circle to check them out…

The Lofoten Islands, just north of the Arctic Circle are home to some of the most spectacular natural surroundings for surfing and kiteboarding in the world. This summer, filmmaker Anders Melchior and I lived ten days in a caravan at Unstad Beach chasing the elusive winds and shifting swells of the North Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to the midnight sun and a bit of luck, we scored good conditions more than a couple of times.

Filmed by Anders Melchior & Karl Oskar Teien
Edited by Karl Oskar Teien

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Fri 19th Aug, 2016 @ 1:21 pm

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