50,67mph (81,7 km/h) on a landboard is completely insane!! If Laurent comes off at that speed it isn’t going to be pretty… He’s attempting to one day reach 100km/h, we recommend you try a foil kite Laurent!

New goal in my kiteboarder career, reach 62,14mph (100km/h) on my landboard !
This video presents my first kite landboarding speed training session in strong wind about 30 to 38 knots, max speed recorded on GPS : 50,67mph (81,7 km/h) !!
I customized a special landboard for my speed record, I have a X-shape full carbone deck, X-Race model, this deck is super stable, perfect for the speed !
I’m flying the Flysurfer BOOST2 7m.
Watch in 4K !!!!

Spot : Leucate La Franqui, south coast of France
Date : 14th July 2016

Follow me on my website : http://www.lolobsd.com/

X-shape X-Race deck : http://www.x-shape.fr/shop/race/x-race/
More X-Race details : http://www.x-shape.fr/blog/page/2/
Powerkiter : http://www.powerkiter.fr/
Flysurfer kiteboarding : http://flysurfer.com/

Camera : Karl Zaepffel – BSD prod
Edit : BSD prod

Mon 18th Jul, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

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