Lieuwe Shotgun Paradise Series Board

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Lieuwe Shotgun Paradise Series Board

The Isle of Wight really is an exceptional place for outdoor sports! Watch as pro kiteboarder Tom Court kites, SUPs, surfs, wakeboards, skates, paraglides, bikes & sails at his home. Prepare to get inspired!!

It has always been my time at home on the Isle of Wight that has set me up for the traveling that I do each year. No matter how many spots that I get to visit, no matter how good other destinations may seem, I can never find anywhere as good as right here. At home!

Kiteboarding, Standup Paddle, Surf, Wakeboarding, Skating, Flying, Paragliding, Biking and Sailing are just a few of the things that fill my down time!

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Big thanks to:
North Kiteboarding
Fanatic SUP
Icaro Paragliders
High Adventure

Tom Court
Doug Newell
Sophie Mathews
Andrew Court
Doug Richards
Josh Howell
Pad Court

Thu 23rd Jun, 2016 @ 9:00 am

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