If you want to jump higher, then this is a must watch, Lewis Crathern goes bigger than most, so when it comes to boosting huge airs he’s definitely got the skills. Watch this, learn something and jump even higher, it’s as simple as that!

EPISODE 5 // Takeoff

Now we’re at the exciting part, takeoff!

All that energy you have built up through learning proper edging, body & bar position, and the timing for sending the kite leads up to the ever important pop off the water. Takeoff is often the most difficult part of jumping to get right as every part of the jump revolves around this moment.

Get those WOOs charged and join the progression! Follow Lewis Crathern’s sessions on the WOO Kite App :

iOS: http://apple.co/1TzeVez
ANDROID: http://bit.ly/1jMDAjr

Thu 31st Mar, 2016 @ 9:00 am

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