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2 months ago

The power of wind brings us all together, but we rarely look past how it affects our kite sessions - or lack of kite sessions!…

3 months ago

In case you missed the action, watch Frenchman Charles Brodel take his second GKA Big Air World Championship title with his powered kiteloop and huge…

3 months ago

Watch Charles Brodel take his second World title in the hydrofoil discipline at the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships in Tarifa - we've…

7 months ago

With one of the worst and most widely seen crashes ever seen in a kiteboarding competition, Lewis Crathern knows more about the risks of kiting…

8 months ago

The Cape Doctor delivered at last, and the final instalment of our 5-stop tour took place in Cape Town, South Africa, with 33 riders from…

10 months ago

You've seen all the King Of The Air kiteboarding action... now the Dirty Habits crew take us behind the scenes to see what happens when…

10 months ago

More KOTA 2021 highlights - You've got to watch this!

11 months ago

After this being a plan for the 2021 season for quite some time, we knew a demo day had to happen! Finally, the wind was…

12 months ago

If you watch one video today, make sure it's this one. The Global Wind Energy Council is delighted to support Lewis Crathern on his journey…