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2 months ago

If you kiteboard around the UK, chances are you've seen or heard of Mad Max! The 11-year-old, Max Tullet is part of the Duotone UK…

2 months ago

It's all about the 2021 Red Bull King of the Air entry videos at the moment... and Lewis Crathern needs no !

2 months ago

In this episode of #teamtalk, Lewis Crathern talks us through Duotone's 2021 Dice and why it's his kite of choice; the feeling that kiteboarding gives…

4 months ago

The third episode, Tom Courts, Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Crathern and Sam light chase some storms down to the West Country and score some of the…

4 months ago

In this episode of team talk, Tom Court talks us through the key features in the 2021 Duotone Rebel. The subtle changes and material upgrades…

4 months ago

The UK crew meet up down in Cornwall to face Storm Francis, the only way they know how... this is a good one so make…

4 months ago

Tom Court and Aaron Hadlow head off on a UK road trip to put Duotone Kiteboarding's 2021 Rebel to the test in the English weather.…

5 months ago

With winds gusting over 50 knots in Cornwall, Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Lewis Crathern and Sam Light were in the right place at the right…

6 months ago

Mystic announces that the official KOTA merchandise will be sold online! For the first and final time, they will give you the chance to snatch…