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12 months ago

Tom Court and Aaron Hadlow head off on a UK road trip to put Duotone Kiteboarding's 2021 Rebel to the test in the English weather.…

1 year ago

With winds gusting over 50 knots in Cornwall, Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Lewis Crathern and Sam Light were in the right place at the right…

1 year ago

Mystic announces that the official KOTA merchandise will be sold online! For the first and final time, they will give you the chance to snatch…

1 year ago

For today's #KitersInIsolation movie, we're taking you back to 12th November 2010; the day Lewis Crathern jumped over Brighton pier. This was his life-long ambition…

1 year ago

TWENTY had to make it to our #KitersInIsolation movie list - Featuring Aaron Hadlow, Ruben Lenten, Lewis Crathern, Craig Cunningham, Sam Light, Noè Font, Tom…

2 years ago

Watch Lewis Crathern's Red Bull Megaloop entry video, right here, and let us know if you think he deserves a spot!

2 years ago

Now the dust has settled it's time to take stock and look back on one of the best KOTA's in the event's history, with the…

2 years ago

Tom Court catches up with Aaron Hadlow, Ewan Jaspan, Lasse Walker, Airton Cozzolino, Lewis Crathern, Reno Romeo and more... as they get ready for this…

2 years ago

King of the Air had a bit of a false start as the wind in Cape Town hasn't been playing ball! However, it did give…