Join the kiteboarding legend that is Karolina Winkowska as she discusses and demonstrates some useful tips to help improve you freestyle riding! Definitely worth a look 🙂

Today’s episode is the first where I give some tips about improving your freestyle learning process. Everybody is working on something different, that’s why I want to give few tips that will be helpful for everybody.
When I was starting to do freestyle there was nobody there to tell me these things. The only tip I got from my brother was to keep my kite as low as possible, and I think that was the worst and the most cruel tip I ever got. For a beginner it is actually recommended to put your kite a little higher to learn the pop or the rotation. When you are confident with one thing, you can add another, put your kite lower, add a rotation, go faster and bigger! New manoeuvres will come quickly once you feel confident.

Kiteboarding today is a divide between people who want to do as many spins as possible and those who take care of their style, add grabs, slow down rotations and go big. In my opinion both of these show merit, however if you want to look good in photos first you better take care of your style 😛



Wed 11th Nov, 2015 @ 9:00 am

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