This edit is just what you need to finish your weekend off. The beautiful scenery of Tobago, stunning time-lapses and incredible drone footage in some pretty high winds! Tobago looks like an amazing place for a kite trip that’s for sure..

We took a trip over to Tobago a weekend to have some fun kiting and enjoying the beauty our twin island has to offer. Weather was not great the whole time but did get a few sessions with 25-30kt winds.

We had Kenzo from Grenada come down to kite and Skeene from Antigua windsurfing. We pushed the drones to the limit and got a little vibration at top speeds crossing the wind.

Special thanks to Radical Sports Tobago for being an epic Host and Kenzo for being a star! We plan to bring more videos like this to you in the near future raising the bar every time!

Footage is copyright Video Aerial Ground Solutions, we shot this video for fun for your enjoyment so please respect our right and share appropriately!

Sun 5th Jul, 2015 @ 4:00 pm

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