Check out this awesome edit of Rita Arnaus ripping in the desert! Morocco has some of the best wind and flat water spots in the world and Rita made the most of these conditions during her stay.

After the first stop of the VKWC in Dakhla I had the opportunity to go back. I love that place because there’s wind all day, you are in the middle of the desert and easily you can relax and disconnect of the rest of the world.
I had a lot of fun in and out the water, focusing on enjoying my training in the water with that strong wind coming from the desert in the best flat water spot I’ve ever seen. Hope you will enjoy it!!!

Thanks for all the support and amazing stuff I get from:
Best Kiteboarding – Pousada – Kite Sista – Underwave – Wetsweets – June Swimwear

Thanks to Dakhla Attitude and Dakhla Spirit.

Behind the cameras:
Light Bros
Chau Peitx
Rita Arnaus

Music edition: Gabriel Fort
Cover pic by: Svetlana Romantsova

Edit: Rita Arnaus

Fri 5th Jun, 2015 @ 10:00 am

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