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7 years ago

As the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour reaches its second event of the 2017 season in Dakhla, Morocco, we hear from event host and Dakhla Attitude...

8 years ago

These Nobile riders go huge in awesome conditions in Dahkla! That flat water looks perfect for practicing freestyle manoeuvres, definitely an amazing location to kitesurf!

8 years ago

The climax to an extraordinary four event season on the GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle Tour concluded today on the last possible afternoon in epic...

8 years ago

The best wave kiters in the world are battling it out for pole position in the GKA Wave finals in Dahkla. The glassy offshore conditions...

8 years ago

The GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle finals are underway in Dahkla, Morocco! These edits are getting really good, as well as some sick footage, you'll...

8 years ago

Check out the trailer for 'By The Desert Sand' featuring Alex Campet and Cindy Dutil as they go on an adventure around Morocco kiting and surfing! Looks like...

8 years ago

Cabrinha go all out with a full feature edit featuring none other than everyone’s favourite kiteboarder, Nick Jacobsen. As usual he is pushing the envelope...

9 years ago

Take a look at this awesome GoPro session in Essaouira, Morocco filmed by F-One rider Ismail Adarzane. A strapless kiteboarding edit without spending the big bucks on...

9 years ago

Watch as Nick Jacobsen does more crazy stunts in Cabrinha's brand new feature length film. This time he jumps off an enormous cliff! Join Nick...