Many of you would have seen the various episodes of the summer series Glen Bowden and Andy Yates released earlier this year. This video is something a little different. Although shot at mostly the same locations around the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, the footage they bring to you in this latest episode installment features the cold conditions of Australia’s winter, well cold for  Australians anyway for all the European viewers out there.

All of the kiting sessions in this video were shot on the Ozone C4 . Andy finds it handles really well in the gusty winter fronts that come through. He was also absolutely stoked to get out for a light-wind waveriding session out the front of Glen’s house. Given the fact that Glen live in the waveless Townsville, North Queensland for most of the year, he literally has maybe one or two waveriding sessions a year. He sometimes forget how fun it is to play around on a surfy in the waves. Surfing will always be his passion, but waveriding with a kite can certainly be fun too.

Glen Bowden was also kind enough to come up to the paragliding headland and get a few shots of Andy floating around up there on his Ozone Mojo wing.

Andy feels that he’s moving away from the pure hard-core wakestyle element of the sport and just enjoying every aspect of things that fly, whether that is kiting or paragliding!!

Andy Yates

Andy rides Ozone C4
Andy Flies

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Tue 25th Nov, 2014 @ 11:45 am

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