Looking for something light, indestructible and fun to ride this summer? Flysurfer might just have the answer, it looks pretty darn fast too!

“The FLYBOARDS Razor is here to make kitesurfing fun in conditions you previously would not even have considered ridable. The Razor is a performance orientated freeride directional board which is built with super sturdy snowboard technology. You will get more days on the water guaranteed!

We did not want to build a super fragile and bulky sandwich volume board, nor did we want a high performance machine which for most people is un-rideable. We just wanted a board which was really fast, helped us get on the water even more often, and have as much fun as possible despite marginal wind conditions.

We tried to share Andi & Emmanuel’s vibe in this Razor freeride session video, shot at Paradise Kitesurf center in Egypt.”

More information on the Razor can be found here: http://flysurfer.com/produkte/boards/razor/

Fri 6th Jun, 2014 @ 10:00 am

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