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3 days ago

Waking up to that morning sun like. Embracing the #TripOn Challenge with @pierrewasthere (IG) in Valladolid, Yucatan.

ProTip: Searching for a different look? Try Linear Mode on your GoPro to eliminate the fish-eye effect + straighten your lines without compromising image quality.

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3 days ago

FoDmtb tuned into voice control, said 'lumos nox' + let the magic happen with the GoPro HERO7 Black whilst capturing in one of the Harry Potter set locations, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.⚡

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4 days ago

Me: I've still got so much work to do...
Also me:

📷Giacomo Gorza + GoPro HERO7 Black

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5 days ago

Introducing a new way to travel with GoPro + Airbnb. Book an Airbnb + get 40% off a GoPro HERO7 Black, Adventure Kit, SD card + battery. Learn more on the Inside Line at

GoPro posted a video
6 days ago

Only one way to caption this canyon kayak from GoPro Athlete Dane Jackson on World Emoji Day...🤙.

Give us your emoji description for this killer HyperSmooth below.👇

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1 week ago

Not your average local ice cream van, man. Enjoying the flavours of summer with #TripOn award recipient @mr.travelller (IG) + GoPro HERO7 Black.

Have you been embracing new cultural experiences this month? If so, share what you captured with us at🍦

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2 weeks ago

TimeWarping that big wheel in London. Jeremy Liu made the most of the GoPro HERO7 Black's settings to capture the London Eye.

ProTip: When planning a TimeWarp, look for a prominent object in your scene. Track that point of interest by keeping it in the center of your LCD screen for the whole clip. Have trouble nailing the framing? Mark your screen with clear tape + keep the object aligned as you move around.

GoPro posted a video
2 weeks ago

GoPro Track Down has begun! Follow Scotty Laughland’s tour of the sickest places to ride your bike in Europe alongside pro riders. Episode 1 is LIVE and Scotty joins Geoff Gulevich on the island of La Palma for some 2-wheel craziness. Head to Pinkbike to see the full episode.

GoPro posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Couples who GoPro together, stay together. Killing the GoPro travel game with Kinging-It + GoPro HERO7 Black in Goa, India.

Shoot it, send it + we'll post it when you share the summer travel moments you've captured with us at

We make the World's Most Versatile Camera. Wear it. Mount it. Love it.

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Jump on board with Tom Court on a classic Cape Town downwinder as he shreds his way from Dolphin Beach down to the boys at…

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Check this out! riders Jonas Lengwiler and Ronny Bollhalder have a whole lake to themselves for an epic hydrofoil session - so good!

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Well we've never seen a tutorial like this. However we thought it could be useful for all those people constantly getting their lines tangled! Tag…

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GoPro may have come up with the best April Fools prank ever yesterday. Very original idea... Check it out. Introducing Armie. Do you want killer…

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It's not everyday you get to kitesurf with sharks! Billy did a good job not getting eaten while kiteboarding with some local sharks off Tahiti…

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Selfieriding is a thing and Dmitry Evseev does it well! Some awesome slow mo shots from Mauritius. Check it out. 100% GoPro HERO6 Black video…

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Check out these sick follow cam shots from Dmitry Evseev in Mauritius. He never fails to provide a pumping wave kite edit! 100% GoPro HERO6…

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Sometimes it's a mission to find the right kite spot. The drought in South Africa doesn't make it easier... Ben Beholz lucked out in the…

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Ben Beholz goes big in Cape Town. Check it out! Getting my self into bigair kiteboarding means learning kite loops. Follow me during my first…

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Well worth a look this! Here are five of the best GoPro accessories to buy if you want to shoot better photo and video with…

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It is easy to get stuck in Blouberg, Table View, and to sit and wait for the wind. However, Cape Town has so many more…

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This looks like a fun day for Ben Beholz. Check it out! Follow me during my day and find out how my average kite session…

Issue 62

Brandon Scheid heads to Asia and discovers everything isn’t quite as it seems, travelling in the east can be challenging, but if you are prepared to compromise the rewards can be endless!

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Is it still the greatest show on earth? Rou Chater ponders the rise and rise of the King Of The Air!

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Win a GoPro Hero 5 Black this issue!

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Did you get one of these excellent cameras for Christmas? If so then look no further as Jake Kelsick runs through the best mounts, angles, settings and insider tips on how to get the most 'pro' out of the GoPro...

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Win a GoPro Hero 3 this issue!

6 years ago

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