1 year ago

Moona Whyte scoring an empty lineup in Oahu - What a way to end the day!

2 years ago

Ever wondered how to nail the perfect kiteboarding shot on your action camera? Well, Matthias Larsen, a professional kitesurfer, model, and entrepreneur, is a master...

3 years ago

This might be the king of all wipeouts! Kai Lenny took the world's gnarliest bubble bath earlier this year at Nazaré. How do you think...

3 years ago

Kitesurfing makes an appearance once again in the GoPro Hero 9 Million Dollar Challenge, with some big wave action from Moona Whyte and a little...

4 years ago

4 sports in one day! After a long summer and flat summer, the waves have returned for Kai Lenny! Not the biggest ever, but enough...

4 years ago

A day trip from Maui to Oahu, Kai Lenny is there to catch a rare summer season north swell on the iconic North Shore coastline....

4 years ago

This is some pretty mad footage! Million Dollar Challenge recipient, Angus Sellen, sends it in 360 down Shark's Tooth Mountain, New Zealand with his GoPro...

5 years ago

Jump on board with Tom Court on a classic Cape Town downwinder as he shreds his way from Dolphin Beach down to the boys at...

6 years ago

Check this out! riders Jonas Lengwiler and Ronny Bollhalder have a whole lake to themselves for an epic hydrofoil session - so good!

6 years ago

Well we've never seen a tutorial like this. However we thought it could be useful for all those people constantly getting their lines tangled! Tag...

6 years ago

GoPro may have come up with the best April Fools prank ever yesterday. Very original idea... Check it out. Introducing Armie. Do you want killer...

6 years ago

It's not everyday you get to kitesurf with sharks! Billy did a good job not getting eaten while kiteboarding with some local sharks off Tahiti...

Issue 81

James Carew heads to Mauritius for the GKA to beat Airton Cozzolino, while one dream got crushed he discovers another magical moment just around the corner he wasn’t expecting that puts everything in perspective… What’s your best kiting moment in time?

4 years ago
Issue 79

We head to the Lighthouse to Leighton race in Perth, Australia for the tenth edition of this iconic southern hemisphere extravaganza. There aren't many events where you can register as a rank amateur and race against the likes of Airton Cozzolino and Olly Bridge! Find out how the whole thing got started and where it's headed in this feature.

4 years ago
Issue 62

Brandon Scheid heads to Asia and discovers everything isn’t quite as it seems, travelling in the east can be challenging, but if you are prepared to compromise the rewards can be endless!

7 years ago
Issue 61

Win a GoPro Hero 5 Black this issue!

7 years ago
Issue 61

Is it still the greatest show on earth? Rou Chater ponders the rise and rise of the King Of The Air!

7 years ago
Issue 60

Win a GoPro Hero 5 Black this issue!

7 years ago
Issue 59

Win a GoPro Hero 5 Black this issue!

8 years ago
Issue 43

Did you get one of these excellent cameras for Christmas? If so then look no further as Jake Kelsick runs through the best mounts, angles, settings and insider tips on how to get the most 'pro' out of the GoPro...

10 years ago
Issue 39

Win a GoPro Hero 3 this issue!

11 years ago

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