The Interview - Jon Modica

Rou Chater catches up with Cabrinha’s Chairman of the Board, Jon Modica, to discuss taking over the company, product development, relocating the headquarters to Miami, the brand's pro team, future plans for the company and much more. Read all about it in this issue’s “The Interview.”

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Issue 105

Wed 26th Jun, 2024

In this issue, Rou Chater asks a pertinent question: Has Big Air Killed Kiteboarding? It’s an interesting synopsis; with such a huge focus on getting high, are we forgetting all the other wonderful facets of our sport? We think so! We also sat down with Cabrinha head honcho Jon Modica for an in-depth chat about how things have been going since he took over the brand a few years ago. The Eleveight team got cosy on a catamaran in the Mediterranean; did they get seasick? Find out here. Rou chats with Leo Koenig, the founder and CEO of WOO Sports for Intriguing Beings. On top of all that, we have tests, techniques with Christian and Karine, tech features and lots more inside!

Issue 104

Mon 29th Apr, 2024

In this issue Rou Chater takes an in depth look at who is the Greatest Of All Time AKA The GOAT, some of the names he considers might surprise you! Jesse Richman checks in on his recent switch to Ozone. Phil Schennagel the CEO of CORE is in the spotlight for the Intriguing Beings Podcast and we also look at the upcoming Olympics in Paris 2024. Jen Tyler heads to the St Lucia for the travel feature, Christian and Karine are on hand to help you learn to kiteloop, a must read for many of you and the Nobile Team head to Sicily to check out the conditions and launch the new range. We’ve got tests, tech features and lots of interviews too, be sure to check out the latest issue!

Issue 103

Mon 19th Feb, 2024

Get ready for an action-packed issue of IKSURFMAG, starting with a look at big air's Short Line Revolution with Crystal Veness. Follow Rou Chater to Scotland for the Cabrinha 04s shoot, and explore the dream destination of Turks & Caicos with Anastasia Pankina. This issue is a global one, from Morocco with the Duotone Young Bloods to the Grenadines with the Eleveight crew to Egypt with Sensi Graves and Sarah Sadek. Find out what Giel Vlugt has been up to since returning to CORE and get to know multisport athlete Alina Shalin. That's not all! We've highlighted the latest gear from your favourite brands and added two hot new techniques to try. Get stuck in… Issue 103 is here!

Issue 102

Fri 15th Dec, 2023

In our last issue of the year, chase the wind around the world, from King of the Air in Cape Town to the blissful beaches of Brazil. Explore the icy extremes in Lofoten, Norway, the hidden gem of Masirah Island in Oman, and go on tour with Moona Whyte. Dive deep into industry insights with Rou Chater in Intriguing Beings, and find out about the latest product development in our Tech Focus section! Don't miss our in-depth interviews with champions Angely Bouillot, Lorenzo Casati, and Arthur Guillebert. There's techniques to try, tests to peruse, and our Ultimate Gift Guide for kiters, so you can share the stoke! Turn the page and jump in to Issue #102!

Issue 101

Fri 13th Oct, 2023

Seasons are changing, and you know what that means: new gear, new kite spots, and an exciting new look for IKSURFMAG! In this issue, Crystal Veness rounds up the biggest news in big air. Experience kiteboarding nirvana in Europe with Rou Chater, travel to Mauritius with the Airush team, and explore Ireland's rugged coast with Prolimit. Christian and Karine have two tasty new techniques for you and the Swiss Foil Couple give you the intro to foil freestyle. Go behind the scenes of Laci Kobulsky's new film, read about some of the latest gear from your favourite brands and check out interviews with photographer Svetlana Romantsova and America's Cup winner Nils Frei. There's plenty more to discover inside Issue 101!

Issue 100

Mon 14th Aug, 2023

What better way to celebrate the big 100 than putting together the biggest issue ever?! Starting with a dash down memory lane, Rou Chater takes you through our history, and we highlight the most important moments and people in our sport in 100 Moments: A Kitesurfing Timeline. The future is inevitable, and we welcome it with open arms, with three features highlighting the next generation. Catch the Barrel Section with wave riding legends, discover the Philippines with the Delannoy's, and join Crystal Veness on her trip to Mauritius! Learn to loop with Christian & Karine, get to know Pat Goodman, and get the scoop on the new CORE XR Pro. There's a whole lot more inside; Issue 100 is jam-packed with all things kitesurfing!

Issue 99

Wed 7th Jun, 2023

We're halfway through 2023 and things are starting to heat up! Competition season is in high gear, and Editor Crystal Veness takes a swing at the prize money, asking if the cash is worth the crash. Inside this issue, Naish and Prolimit team riders follow the current in South Africa, Joshua Emanuel goes on a strong wind strike mission, and Sensi Graves takes a look at life then VS now. Ever wondered how kites are made? Jim Gaunt answers that question inside the Ozone factory in Vietnam. Get to know Ellie Dimitrova and Valentin Garat, learn about the latest kite technology from the industry's most innovative brands, and study up on some stylish new techniques. There's all that and much more inside Issue 99!

Issue 98

Thu 13th Apr, 2023

Storm chasing and swell hunting have been front-and-centre news this season, and we're here for it! In this issue, it's all about the extremes, from 70 knots in Tarifa with Ruben Lenten to an ice cold experience in Finland with Rita Arnaus. Editor Crystal Veness takes a look at the park scene in Patagonia and Publisher Rou Chater heads to F-ONE headquarters in France. Go behind the cover with Jesse Richman and hear from Hannah Whiteley on the Intriguing Beings podcast, and that's not all! You'll meet the Rising Stars of Egypt, get to know extreme van lifer Kaimar Halliste, and follow the foil adventures of Andrea Zust. There's Tech Focus, Trick Techniques, and so much more inside Issue 98! Jump in!

Issue 97

Mon 13th Feb, 2023

It's sure to be a windy 2023, and we know kiters around the world will be looking for any and every opportunity to get on the water! This issue, Publisher Rou Chater packs his bags and heads to the tropics for a dreamy Bahamas Kite Cruise, Gabi Steindl brings us on an off road adventure down under, Camille Delannoy goes on a storm search in Iceland, and Brandon Scheid hunts for perfect lefts in Chile. Hear all about the first GKA event of the season at Fuwairit Kite Beach in Qatar, and get the scoop on sending it in feature interviews with Mike Mac Donald and Frencesca Maini. There’s plenty more waiting for you right here in IKSURFMAG Issue 97!

Issue 96

Fri 16th Dec, 2022

Do you ring in the New Year by dreaming of the future or recounting the past? In this mega-issue, we’ve done both! Editor Crystal Veness puts the spotlight on women in kiteboarding, highlighting Jalou Langeree, Michaela Pilkenton, and Monica Ballus. Get to know the new world of Big Air kiting, explore Brainchild Production with Rou Chater and Ralf Grösel, and dig deep into top new products in our Tech Focus. Go behind the scenes with Noè Font, visit the South Coast with Cabrinha, session Indo with Oswald Smith, and follow Adriano Bono’s short line adventure. With Techniques, Tests, and more inside, you won’t want to miss IKSURFMAG Issue 96!

Issue 95

Wed 5th Oct, 2022

Seasons are changing, and the search for wind continues with kiters travelling near and far to score the best conditions. In this issue, Editor Crystal Veness heads to Hood River to take a look inside the industry at AWSI. Join the MANERA team as they set sail to the unforgiving north, session Silvaplana with Ben Beholz, experience El Gouna with Duotone’s Young Bloods, and go on an Oman adventure with Mostafa Abbas. Dive inside the mind of Lasse Walker and get to know Hannah Whiteley, Roderick Pijls, and North designer Pepijn Smit. There’s new Techniques, Tests, and more inside IKSURFMAG Issue 95!

Issue 94

Wed 10th Aug, 2022

Summer sessions are on the menu in this issue! Our Brand Manager Anastasia Pankina finds blue skies in Mauritius while the FLYSURFER crew finds cloudy days in the UK. We catch up with breakthrough Big Air rider, Zara Hoogenraad, and take a look at the Future of Foiling with Jamie Overbeek. Sail Sardinia with Jan Burgdörfer and dive into the Dominican Republic with Liloo Fourré. Keep on reading as Lewis Crathern talks big air and big change, Christian and Karine bring you two new techniques, and we check out some of the latest equipment in our Tech Focus and Tests! Take a look inside IKSURFMAG Issue 94!

Issue 93

Mon 13th Jun, 2022

It’s been an action packed few months, with wind blowing in what seems like every corner of the earth! In this issue, follow Publisher Rou Chater as he heads east to find gold in Qatar, join Joshua Emanuel on board a Red Sea cruise, and see what brought James Boulding to the beaches of Miami. We check in with the up-and-coming riders of Naish Time Europe and students of the World Class Kite Academy. Read interviews with Liam Whaley, Camilla Ringvold, and Marley Franco, and that’s not all! Hear all about the latest gear, learn new tricks and techniques, and more inside IKSURFMAG Issue 93!

Issue 92

Thu 7th Apr, 2022

Just a few months into 2022, and the wheels have already fallen off! It’s a good thing we still have kitesurfing to bring us together and keep the stoke alive! In this issue, we take a look at your impact on the industry, travel the globe with Riding to Explore, session in Sri Lanka with Therese Taabbel, and discover South Africa with Johanna-Catharina Edin. Hear what Tom Bridge and Karlie Thoma have been up to and see what’s new in the snowkite scene. Find out about the latest tech from Duotone, Ozone, Eleveight, and Airush, learn new techniques with Christian & Karine, and more! IKSURFMAG Issue 92 is here!

Issue 91

Tue 8th Feb, 2022

It's a strong start to 2022, and kite spots worldwide are busier than they've been in years! With so much action on the water, injuries are climbing. Is the risk worth the reward? Get the perspective from top pros and average Joe's. The kite industry appears to be stronger than ever, with new gear dropping left, right, and centre! Explore the Cabrinha 02 collection, go to Kaapstad with Prolimit, and find out what's new from Core, Slingshot, and more. Find out what Colleen Carroll's been up to and how F-ONE's Charles Brodel found his foil style. With reviews, trick tips, and more inside, it's time to dive into IKSURFMAG Issue 91!

Issue 90

Fri 10th Dec, 2021

In the final issue of 2021, we take a closer look at the tides of change sweeping big air kiting. Ready to hit the road? Join Alina Kornelli as she drives through Denmark and the Manera team searching for sessions in northern Spain. Across the pond, Punta Luna sings its siren song, blessing Martin Vari and Marc Ramseier with epic swell. There’s still plenty more in store, with interviews from strapless rider Pablo Amores, photographer Miriam Joanna, and North Kiteboarding’s Hugh Pinfold! With new techniques, tests, and tech, there is plenty of excitement between the pages of IKSURFMAG Issue 90!

Issue 89

Thu 7th Oct, 2021

The competition season is heating up, and when we’re not scoring our own sessions, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to entertaining events to tune into! From big surprises on the big air scene to fast-paced action in the foiling world, we’ve got it all! The F-ONE team heads south of the border in Baja while the Naish team chases freestyle perfection in Greece. We get up close and personal with Marc Jacobs, Rita Arnaus, and Frances Osorio Rivera. All this, plus behind the scenes insights on the latest products, new techniques to try, and gear tests to peruse. Issue 89 is ready for takeoff! Are you?

Issue 88

Wed 11th Aug, 2021

With 18 months of pandemic fatigue settling in, we're cautiously inching closer to some semblance of normalcy, or at least getting used to our current situation! While the responsible choice would be to spend some of our hard-earned bucks on therapy, a dream kite trip might just save our sanity! This issue, we explore Turks & Caicos, South Africa, and Zanzibar. Home or away, it's a good time to Invest in Your Progression! F-ONE's Raphael Salles talks the new Bandit XV, Jo Ciastula checks in after GKA Tarifa, and Su Kay shares her some industry insights. Still hungry? Tuck into tests, technique, and much more; Issue 88 is hot and ready!

Issue 87

Fri 11th Jun, 2021

Halfway through 2021 and the roller coaster ride continues! With travel looking more possible by the moment, our dreams of a faraway kite holiday may soon be a reality! In this issue, we check in with the Duotone team to find out who’s staying local and who’s shredding global. Graham Howes introduces us to the Next Gen of kiters on Team North, Ben Beholz takes us along for a ride in his RV, and Matt Maxwell showcases his silly season in South Africa. We catch up with kitesurfing cameraman, Laci Kobulsky, and Hawaiian wave riding extraordinaire, Moona Whyte. If that’s not enough already, we’ve got more of the latest news, tech, techniques, and tests. Issue 87 is ready. Are you?!

Issue 86

Wed 14th Apr, 2021

The spring season has started with a stumble, not a bang. Getting out on the water without getting stuck in quarantine has become a sport in itself! Luckily, we've got inspiring stories and off the beaten path adventures to keep you entertained. We look at the trials and tribulations of buying new gear, Karolina Winkowska gives back in the Maldives, Artem Garashchenko kites with a monster, Roderick Pijls goes carbon-free, and Jack Rieder heads back to Baja. From sea level to the snowy peaks, we interview Prolimit's Linda Van Lakwijk and the men of 'RideUp'. Our Tech Focus takes you behind the designs, and we've got techniques to try out and gear tests dip into. Turn the page, it's time to dive in!

Issue 85

Mon 8th Feb, 2021

It’s been a bumpy start to the year, but the ongoing pandemic drama has been the source of some extremely interesting content! In this issue, Crystal Veness takes a closer look at the disruption and chaos in Cape Town over the past year. James Boulding takes a break in Kenya to get up close and personal with the foil, and we check in with Mitu Monteiro to find out what it takes to achieve legend status in the kite industry. Go behind the scenes with the ladies at FLYSURFER and live vicariously through pro riders Jerome Cloetens, Tom Seager, Annabel van Westerop, Colleen Carroll, Sensi Graves, and Josh Emanuel as they take us through some of their post-lockdown travel adventures. Get your popcorn ready and check it out, this issue will offer hours of entertainment!

Issue 84

Tue 8th Dec, 2020

With what might be the strangest year of our lives coming to a close, we’re looking forward to a better and brighter 2021, with less COVID, less politics, and even more kiting! This issue is packed with features, including the story behind the latest MANERA film where Paul Serin and Maxime Chabloz made the most of what was close to home. Joshua Emanual blows our minds yet again with the sheer insanity of his quest for the infinity loop, Camille Delannoy ventures solo into the dunes of Brazil, and Aaron Hadlow talks us through his career - past, present, and future. As always, there’s loads to learn in our technique, tests, and tech focus sections. Put your phone on silent, it’s time to dive into IKSURFMAG!

Issue 83

Thu 15th Oct, 2020

After the brief pause it feels like the sport has gone absolutely bonkers, from scrapping around for fresh images last issue, too literally being flooded the next. We’ve got absolutely loads of great features in this issue, including the incredibly inspirational Willem Hooft story, the adaptive kiter is arguably better than most of us, not bad when he’s wheelchair bound. Peter Stiewe is the focus of our interview, the F-One team head to Corsica and North get their big air team logging the air miles on the new gear. Of course we have loads more inside with plenty of tests, technique and all the usual’s to keep you entertained too, be sure to check it out!

Issue 82

Wed 12th Aug, 2020

It seems like the summer has been an absolute ripper for the watersports industry. In an extended piece Rou Chater looks at the Bust Boom effect of Covid 19 and asks What Next… We also sit down with legend Robby Naish for a catch up, while Oswald Smith, Graham Howes and friends are off searching for new spots in South Africa. Alex Fox from Slingshot drops by for our interview and Sam Light gives us the full low down on his Kite Boat Project. We also talk to the industries only female CEO in our insight piece, Malwina Shinn and our new Tech Focus section looks at some of the new developments in within the sport. Of course we have tests, technique and all the usual’s to keep you entertained too, be sure to check it out!

Issue 81

Fri 12th Jun, 2020

Thankfully most of us are back on the water and enjoying the sport we love, make every session count, and when you aren’t on the water, you can trust us to deliver you the very best in kiteboarding content from around the world. This issue we look at a study into the dangers of kitesurfing, just how risky is our sport these days, read on to find out! James Carew recalls some of his best Moments In Time from Mauritius, and Ruben Lenten drops in for our Interview and recalls his struggles with injuries throughout his career as well as his mindset for a positive way forwards. Elsewhere we have tests, technique with Christiana and Karine, F-ONE are the featured brand, and there is loads more inside too! Check it out!

Issue 80

Thu 16th Apr, 2020

The Corona Virus has been playing havoc with the world, and the kite industry. It’s a strange time to be a kitesurfer, when many of the world’s beaches are closed and most of the planets kite population is locked down. We’ve worked around the clock with our partners across the globe to bring you this incredible issue. Inside Rou Chater takes a close look a the effect of Covid 19 on the kite industry, the damage runs deeper than you might think, and you might be the key to saving it. The rest of the magazine is the biggest and most impressive one we’ve ever put together, packed with stories, technique, tests and lots more to keep you in the loop! Check it out!

Issue 79

Tue 11th Feb, 2020

It's another fantastic issue this time around, absolutely packed with the best stories, photos and videos from around the world. In this issue, Jesse Richman rides massive Jaws and tells us how it's done. Craig Cunningham drops by for a chat about life managing the Duotone Team, and Paul Serin is hunting for gold in Mozambique. In a new feature, Insight, we focus on women working in the industry who are kicking ass and taking names, LynDee Talmage from Slingshot is first up! On top of all that there is absolutely loads more inside, including Christian and Karine's technique, be sure to check it out!

Issue 78

Wed 11th Dec, 2019

It's another fantastic issue this time around, absolutely packed with the best stories, photos and videos from around the world. Rou Chater sits down with one of the best kitesurfers on the planet, Keahi de Aboitiz, and talks to him about his upcoming swell hunting movie. We also take a look at the cost of kitesurfing, is it too expensive, or perhaps too cheap, find out inside. In a new feature we ask the same questions to different brands, this issue it's Eleveight under the microscope. Christian and Karine are on board with some more trickery, learn the simple to to heelside downloop transition, get fancy with the surfboard 360 and to really impress people try out the one-footed darkslide! We've also got a huge test section too with kites, twin tips, surfboards and hydrofoils all getting tested!

Issue 77

Mon 14th Oct, 2019

It's an absolutely massive issue with all the best stories, photos and videos from around the world. Rou Chater has put together a huge feature on the subject of sustainability within the kite industry, interviewing the major brands and asking them about their plans for our future. Colleen Carroll is hunting down stunning locations in Namibia and the Manera team head to the wilds of Russia to kite amongst the frozen wastelands. We have a big test section with lots of new twin tips and kites on test, including the latest wave kites from Cabrinha, Duotone and North. Christian and Karine are on hand with some stylish new moves, including the backroll handwash, a stylish addition to a trick many of us can already do. You'll find even more inside as this is by far and away our biggest issue yet with 260 pages of kitesurfing goodness curated just for you!

Issue 76

Thu 8th Aug, 2019

It's an absolutely huge issue for you with all the best stories, photos and videos from around the world. Rou Chater heads to uncharted waters in Northern Madagascar with the F-ONE Team. Sensi Graves looks at how you can improve your confidence on the water and the Duotone Team head to Western Australia in search of slabs and barrels. We also have the full story on the recalibration of North Kiteboarding, plus the low down on the Hood Jam event. There is a massive test this issue with foils, twin tips, kites and surfboards getting put through their paces. As ever Christian and Karine have some three cool moves for you to learn, and there is lots more inside too!

Issue 75

Thu 13th Jun, 2019

We've got another incredible issue for you with all the best stories, photos and videos from around the world. Rou Chater takes an in-depth look at foiling and how it has changed so much thanks to the influence of the growing surf scene. Paulino Pereira heads off to Cape Verde on a swell strike mission and scores it big time! Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Crathern come to the rescue for Ruben Lenten, and we have Karolina Winkowska in the hot seat for female focus. Christian and Karine have some three cool moves for you to learn, and we have plenty of new gear on test too!

Issue 74

Tue 9th Apr, 2019

We've got another bumper issue for you this spring with all the best stories, photos and videos from around the world. Inside we take a look at the state of professional kiteboarding and how far it has come since the debacle of 2016. Charlotte Consorti heads to Moorea in Tahiti to see if it will live up to her expectations and the dreams she’s been having! Rou Chater heads back to Cape Town to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Christian and Karine have some excellent tips for strapless riders, and we have plenty of new gear on test too!

Issue 73

Tue 5th Feb, 2019

It’s the start of another year and we’ve got an incredible issue lined up for you! We travel to the far northern islands of Scotland with the Manera crew and discover some of the best conditions on the planet! Lewis Crathern uncovers the real Egypt in Dahab and Steven Akkersdijk heads off on a road trip around Ireland! On the other side of the world Rou Chater witnesses Guy Bridge smash the course record for the Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton race and the is plenty more inside too with the best photos, stories and videos!

Issue 72

Mon 10th Dec, 2018

Colleen Carroll drops in this month with some of the best female freestyle riders on the planet as they go exploring in Egypt for the upcoming film, The Sum Of 5. Reo Stevens heads off into the Pacific to discover the kitesurfing on offer in Tuamotu and Lukas Pitsch gives us the lowdown on snowkiting. Christian and Karine are on hand with some slick moves to add to your bag of tricks and we’ve also got lots of 2019 gear on test. As ever there is plenty more inside, the magazine is packed with the best photos, stories and videos!

Issue 71

Mon 8th Oct, 2018

This issue we follow the F-One team as they head back to Madagascar and find it is still firing ten years one! We look at what it takes to be a Pro on the Cabrinha Riders Academy, plus Aaron Hadlow and Laci Kobulsky are here with the final instalment of their TWENTY feature length movie piece. Reed Brady gets the ten questions and Jalou Langeree is our Female Focus! Plus there is lots of technique, loads of tests and you’ll find plenty more inside too! The magazine is packed, as always, with the best photos, stories and videos!

Issue 70

Thu 9th Aug, 2018

Duowhat? New Cabrinha? North gone? North back? With so much going on at kitesurfing's top table we put the definitive word down on what’s happening with the biggest brands in the industry. Brandon Scheid travels to La Ventana to discover the easy life and Julie Leleu is the subject of our Ten Questions feature. Annelous Lammerts investigates the rise of the Hood Jam, one of the biggest events in kiteboarding right now and there’s more — the magazine is packed, as always, with the best photos, stories and videos!

Issue 69

Wed 13th Jun, 2018

We have a new series, Life Changes, that looks at personalities whose lives have been changed by kiteboarding—starting with Ryan Osmond. We also check in with Aaron Hadlow to find out about the filming of his new feature-length movie, and we have an essential behind-the-scenes look at control bars. Plus, we travel to the Bahamas with Charlotte Consorti and sit down with Dan Charlish to find out about the upcoming Kitesurfing Armada. And there’s more — the magazine is packed, as always, with the best photos, stories and videos!

Issue 68

Wed 11th Apr, 2018

We have an in-depth twin tip guide, just in time for spring! You’ll also find a crazy story from a team that just returned from a 70-day kite-powered mission through the wilds of Antarctica. The always-impressive Liam Whaley invites us in for an interview and we hear from Kari Schibevaag, who has been bouncing between the waves of Cape Town and the snowfields of the Arctic. Plus, get to know up-and-coming ripper Jeremy Burlando. And there’s more; the magazine is packed, as always, with the best photos, stories and videos!

Issue 67

Fri 9th Feb, 2018

The Red Bull King Of The Air just went down in Cape Town and saw straps vs boots in the ultimate showdown. We’ve got a huge feature on the event; its impact on the sport and how it has unified riders from all spectrums kiteboarding. Brazilian wave shredder Sebastian Ribeiro stars in our interview, and Rou Chater gives you a definitive guide on how to ride, and survive One Eye. That’s just the icing on the cake; the magazine is packed as usual with the best photos, stories and videos!

Issue 66

Tue 12th Dec, 2017

It might be getting cold outside, but we’ve got a bumper issue packed with amazing content to keep you warm. And if you’re from the Southern Hemisphere than your season should be getting into full swing and this magazine is packed with inspirational kitesurfing goodness! We’ve got the best stories from around the world complemented by some of the most impressive photography in the business, plus there are more videos than you can shake a stick at!

Issue 65

Fri 20th Oct, 2017

We've gone all out this issue to bring you some of the best content from around the globe! The Manera crew report back from the wilderness of Canada in Rugged Point. Ewan Jaspan the wakestyle wonder-kid is the star of our interview, and Rou Chater talks to perhaps the most influential person in kiteboarding today Till Eberle. Tonia Farman shares her inspirational tale of Kite Boarding 4 Cancer, and we chat to Anke and Francisco who just completed a huge kite crossing!

Issue 64

Wed 9th Aug, 2017

It’s another packed edition filled with the best images, stories and videos from around the world. Inside we’ve got four amazing travel guides to whet your appetite for the next kite trip, Maui, Sardinia, Mauritius and the Bahamas are serving up the good! Lindsay McClure checks in with the Kite Park League mid season and Christian and Karine have some incredible moves for you to learn!

Issue 63

Fri 9th Jun, 2017

It’s another packed edition filled with the best images, stories and videos from around the world. Inside Nick Jacobsen jumps off two hotels, we have an in-depth chat with Roberto Ricci, and Sensi Graves talks about the benefits of women’s kiteboarding. Of course, we have Christian and Karine on hand with the technique and an absolutely huge kite and board test too!

Issue 62

Tue 11th Apr, 2017

This issue Brandon Scheid goes on a voyage of discovery in the Philippines and we take an in depth look at the dangers of kiting in storms and how to stay safe. Karolina Winkowska, Ewan Jaspan and Alexander Lewis-Hughes extol the virtues of heading into the unknown to discover new spots and we go kitesurfing underwater, yes, you read that right!

Issue 61

Mon 6th Feb, 2017

Inside you'll find us going behind the scenes on a Cabrinha photo shoot. We've also got snow kiting from Svalbard in Norway where there are more polar bears than people. One of our favourite riders drops by for a chat in our Ten Questions piece, find out who it is inside and we have perhaps the biggest kite, board and hydrofoil test we have ever done!

Issue 60

Wed 7th Dec, 2016

Sixty issues is a bit of a landmark, so we’ve gone out of our way to pack every page with some of the best content we have ever produced. With articles looking at the rise of the female side of our sport, travelling through Kenya, equipment overloads and lots more there is plenty inside to keep you entertained, be sure to check it out!

Issue 59

Sun 16th Oct, 2016

We ask the question, “Who’s the real game changer?”As we speak to the brands behind the biggest marketing hype in history, is it all just hot air, or real progress? You decide! On top of that huge feature we have the Kite Park League, Manera go to Iceland and there is so much more inside too, be sure to check it out!

Issue 58

Tue 9th Aug, 2016

We've got arguably one of the greatest stories ever told in our sport this issue as Lewis Crathern gives us an in-depth insight into his crash, his stay in the hospital and his recovery to getting back on a kiteboard! On top of that, the magazine is packed with the usual great articles, tests and technique! Enjoy!

Issue 57

Mon 13th Jun, 2016

This issue Rou Chater asks the question, is kitesurfing broken? He investigates the warring factions trying to control our sport. Matt Elsasser features in our interview and we head to Poland to visit the Nobile Factory for our Behind the Brand piece. David Romeu and friends go on a motorbike road trip to Morocco and there is a lot more inside too!

Issue 56

Sun 10th Apr, 2016

Inside we have a huge interview with one of the best female kiters on the planet, Bruna Kajiya, plus Jack Galloway heads to the Red Bull Ragnarok in Norway. Liquid Force feature in our Behind the Brand piece and Dom Moore heads to Vancouver Island in Canada, as usual there is loads more inside too!

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Tue 9th Feb, 2016

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Tue 16th Dec, 2008

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Tue 14th Nov, 2006