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4 days ago

Two days ago I had the biggest crash in my life 😄
After a big jump I lost line tension at the landing in gusty and shifty winds. My line got wrapped around the foil board wings and when the kite got power again it react on his own!
Luckily nothing bad happened :)

Don't try it at home!

Ride save out there ;)
Hang Loose

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Levitaz Livity NP Surf Airush Deutschland FailArmy
#kitefoil #kitesurf #flying #crash #whipeout #fail #water #wind #extremesport #foiling #jump #kitesurfing

Florian Gruber posted 3 photos on Instagram.
Florian Gruber posted 3 photos on Instagram.
2 weeks ago

We finished the qualification series and starting today with the gold fleet!
Yesterday I was racing better then on the first day and sitting now on the 6th place

Today it lucks like gusty and shifty winds again. Hope I can find a good way threw it


FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Levitaz Livity NP Surf World Sailing

#kitesurf #kitefoil #kiteracing #foiling #waterman #ocean #waterman #water #sun #sea #fun #action #racing #competition #sailingworldcupfinal

Florian Gruber added a new photo.
Florian Gruber added a new photo.
4 weeks ago

The different side of the beach lifestyle :D
The north part of Germany is for sure different and cold ;)
Had some good racing yesterday and close fights with benni and @jannismaus

Let's hope for good racing today :)

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Levitaz Livity NP Surf Airush Deutschland

#beach #sea #kitesurfing #sharethestoke #competition #kitefoil #kitesurf #fun #friends #coldweather #northgermany #lifestyle #waterman

Florian Gruber added a new photo.
Florian Gruber added a new photo.
1 month ago

That's how the faces look if the Wind doesn't arrive :/

Still two more days of hope!

Keep it on

Hang loose

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Levitaz Livity NP Surf Airush Deutschland

#nowind #notlucky #hopeforwind #kitesurfing #kitesurf #kitefoil #competition #sport #sun #beach #friends #fun

Florian Gruber added a new photo.
Florian Gruber added a new photo.
1 month ago

First racing day in South Korea is over!
Not so lucky in the first race :/ where I hit a line from the fishing buoy and lost two places
But it is a lot fun racing here and I hope to get many more races in :)

Hang Loose

Thanks to my sponsors:
FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Levitaz Livity NP Surf Airush Deutschland

#kitefoil #kiteracing #kitesurfing #race #fun #foiling #friends #ocean #waterman #speed #sun #water #competition

Florian Gruber added a new photo.
Florian Gruber added a new photo.
1 month ago

Some training with my Livity team mate and good buddy Alexander Bachev
Was nice to had you on my spot
Wind was ok Saturday but could be better. We had fun for a few turns on the water ;)

Now I am on my way to south Korea for the first stop of the hydrofoil gold cup!

Hang loose

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Levitaz NP Surf Airush Deutschland
#kitefoil #kitesurfing #kiteracing #training #friends #fun #race #sport #lake #waterman #traveling

Florian Gruber added 17 new photos to the album: Training at home ;) — at Surf- und Kiteschule Brombachsee.
Florian Gruber added 17 new photos to the album: Training at home ;) — at Surf- und Kiteschule Brombachsee.
2 months ago

Had some time between studying and working to get good training session in.
Getting ready for the next Competition.

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Levitaz Livity NP Surf Airush Deutschland

Florian Gruber added 3 new photos.
Florian Gruber added 3 new photos.
2 months ago

Not every regatta can run how you like it!

I had a great time in Hyeres for the Sailing world cup. It was really good racing and a lot of fun.
I did to many mistakes in a few races so I just ended up 6th.

It was great to learn more and more every race and I know what I have to work on to be back in the top 5.

Now I have 2 weeks off Competition at home for training and university.

keep fighting

Thanks to my great Sponsors for the best support:
FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Levitaz Livity NP Surf Airush Deutschland

Florian Gruber, a German Kitesurfer from Garmisch-Partenkirchen is competing in Racing, Slalom, Freestyle and Foil. 2013 World Champion Formula Racing.
Florian Gruber lebt in Garmisch-Partenkirchen und besuchte die Fachoberschule in Weilheim. Dort legte er das Fachabitur ab. Danach entschloss er sich, sich fßr die nächste Zeit ganz auf das Kitesurfen zu konzentrieren. Fßr das Wintersemester 2014/15 hat er einen Studienplatz an der Hochschule fßr angewandte Wissenschaften Ansbach bekommen und wird den Bachelorstudiengang Business International Management (BIM) fßr Spitzensportler belegen.

Gruber betreibt das Kitesurfen in der Disziplin Course Racing, bei der wie beim Regatta-Rennen im Segelsport ein ausgelegter Tonnen-Kurs umrundet wird und der jeweils Schnellste der Sieger ist. Er ist Mitglied beim Altmühltal-Segelclub in Muhr am See im Fränkischen Seenland und betreibt mit seinem Vater und Trainer Erwin Gruber eine Surfschule in Absberg am Großen Brombachsee.

Gruber tritt zudem in den Disziplinen Freestyle und Slalom an, fährt Kitefoil-Rennen mit und ist im Winter bei Snow-Kite-Veranstaltungen aktiv. Als Ausgleichssport betreibt er Skifahren und war in der Eishockey-Mannschaft des EV Mittenwald aktiv.

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