Mitu and Djo Kiteschool Cabo Verde

Mitu and Djo Kiteschool Cabo Verde


Santa Maria
Cape Verde
1 year ago

Are you ready for this?! From the 17-27 March, the island of Sal will play host to the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cabo Verde 2023...

4 years ago

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has made travel arrangements and sporting events uncertain ground so far in 2020 but we’d like to congratulate kitesurfers worldwide for...

4 years ago

#KitersInIsolation - We’re taking you back to 2016 when Mitu Monteiro, attempted to ride to the twelve volcanic islands of his homeland completely solo. With...

4 years ago

There is no doubt that F-ONE creates epic movies... and if you haven't watched Endless Playground in a while, #KitersInIsolation you're in for a treat!...

4 years ago

#KitersInIsolation, today we're taking you back 2012 and we're watching F-ONE's ANTANDROY! Times are tough, and some of us might, undoubtedly, be feeling a little...

4 years ago

Ben Beholz's just dropped his latest episode of FREISTIEL SERIES #52 from Sal, Cape Verde. He'd seen a video of Mitu kiteboarding with sharks, so...

4 years ago

Yesterday, the GKA decided to run a Pure Wave format, with best two waves counting to final scores after judges decided conditions were not suited...

5 years ago

Just in case you missed the live stream yesterday, here are the highlights from all the Day Two action! It will all continue today with...

5 years ago

There is nothing cooler than teaching your kids to kitesurf, and when your dad is none other than world champion Mitu Monterio the results are...

6 years ago

Mitu is not only a legend on the waves, but also a great kiteboarding instructor. After spending hours on the beach with his 6-year-old son...


Kiteschool Mitu & Djo is located on Kitebeach on the island of Sal In Cape Verde. This is one of the best surf spots in the world.

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