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Therese Taabbel

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1 week ago

LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Or start searching for the things that fulfills you heart.

Picture @bycarling 💕

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2 weeks ago

It's my favourite time of the year because Cabrinha is launching the 2020 gear! Here is a glimpse of what's to come in 2020. Watching this makes me wanna go kiting right now with that gear. It’s gonna be a GOOD SEASON🔥 So proud of the whole team putting in the hard work and creating this🙏🏼

The Cabrinha 2020 range launches on 15th August. Be sure to check it out at

#LiveFreeRideFree #futureTHIS

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2 weeks ago

Project Iceman invited me to join his ”ICEMAN challenge”, an opportunity I couldn’t say no to, as the essence of the challenge is to jump out of your comfort zone, as Anders is during when he is attempting to do the worlds first Ironman on Antarctica. While sitting in this bucket of ice, I had the chance to speak about three essential messages that I wanted to share with you. These three messages are very meaningful to me and have helped me on my journey to reach my goals and dreams🙏🏼

TIME: 25:03 minutes and a crazy experience where I really got to push myself and explore my limits❄️⚡️

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2 weeks ago

DANISH WAKEBOARDING CHAMPION 2019💕 Thank you everyone for this amazing event. I had so much fun competing in wakeboarding, and are so proud of all the women and men who was absolute killing it on the water today💥 And to every one who keep supporting me, it means the world🙏🏼 Much lovvvvveeeeee

Red Bull

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3 weeks ago

Blessed to be spending August at home during this.

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1 month ago

Vind en tur i Copenhagen Cablepark og få viiinger på vandet med mig og Red Bull denne sommer⚡️

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1 month ago

Ok bye... staying up here 🙃

#redbull #redbulldanmark @redbulldanmark
#kitesurfing #kiteboarding #kitesurf #kite #cabrinha #cabrinhakites #letskitesurf #kitesurfingworld #thekiteshot #thekitepic #thekiteshots #kiteworld
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1 month ago


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@redbulldanmark #redbull #redbulldanmark
#kitesurfing #kiteboarding #kitesurf #kite #cabrinha #cabrinhakites #letskitesurf #kitesurfingworld #thekiteshot #thekitepic #thekiteshots #kiteworld

Professional Kiteboarder from Denmark.
Traveling the world training & competing on the World Tour
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Thankful for the life I'm living!
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Issue 76

Danish shredder Therese Taabbel's positive attitude, compassion, and talent are well worth the spotlight in this issue's Female Focus, and so, Jen Tyler thought it was high time for a catch-up! Check it out here!

2 weeks ago
Issue 74

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

4 months ago
Issue 71

Rou Chater and Mary Booth travel to Sicily to join the Cabrinha Rider Academy and learn what it takes to be a pro rider; it’s not all deckchairs and ice creams either! Early starts, long days and lots of sun cream are needed to get the footage and the job done!

10 months ago

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