Manuela Jungo

Manuela Jungo

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10 months ago

Check out this year's invited riders line up! From the June 1st - 7th 2019, they will compete on slider and kicker features in the…

1 year ago

Welcome to 'The Line'! Earlier this summer, the Cabrinha team ventured to Brazils perfect wind and flat water, taking full advantage of the setting for…

2 years ago

This event is always one of our favorites because it is hosted in the only full-size public slider park, the gorgeous lush backdrops, and the…

2 years ago

Day 2 of the 2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational brought heated competition and strong wind to the REAL Slick. This is a two-part highlight series…

2 years ago

CHECK THIS OUT! This is the edit that got Manuela Jungo her wildcard at the Triple S Kiteboarding Competition this year and the chance to…

2 years ago

The Wind Voyager Triple-S is the event of the year for a kitepark rider. Be sure to take a look at Manuela Jungo's Wildcard edit!…

2 years ago

Check out the full event edit from the last KPL stop in 2017... North Wales, UK. The Rhosneigr Park Jam has some of the best backdrops…

2 years ago

Manuela Jungo heads to the beautiful island of Sardinia to ride her new North Dice! Great edit this, awesome riding and scenery. Follow my adventures:

3 years ago

Everyone is getting super excited about this years Triple S! Take a look at Tom Court's edit from some of last years event. Awesome stuff!…

3 years ago

Since 2008, kiteboarders from all over the planet have assembled their best footage to submit for the Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard Video Contest. Each year,…

3 years ago

It’s not often you get gifted a full feature film in this world. Thankfully Tom Court and the crew have your back and this is…

3 years ago

After completing enough hits on the features on Wednesday, the question was put to the riders if they wanted to run heats on the skinny…

Issue 75

Manuela Jungo sets sail for adventure on a kite cruise in Europe, looking at the images you would be forgiven for thinking it was shot in the middle of the Pacific. It turns out Greece has got it going on and kite cruising catamarans are well and truly on Europe’s doorstep!

9 months ago
Issue 64

European kite destinations are blowing up at the moment, cheap to get to for most people and offering incredible winds and stunning backdrops. Manuela Jungo shares her passion for Sardinia with us this issue!

3 years ago
Issue 60

Win a GoPro Hero 5 Black this issue!

3 years ago
Issue 60

Lindsay McClure investigates the rise and rise of the female side of our sport looking at the progression of the top ladies, and how accessible kitesurfing has become for the fairer sex.

3 years ago
Issue 51

The Triple S has just celebrated its tenth anniversary, what started as a twinkly in the eye of the pioneers in Cape Hatteras has grown to become one of the biggest competitions on the face of the planet!

5 years ago
Issue 50

Craig Cunningham gathers together a posse and goes in search of high jinx and different angles in Western Australia.

5 years ago
Issue 46

Maunuela Jungo heads to the Cayman Islands to check out the kite scene over there and discovers a warm water paradise for the European winter!

6 years ago
Issue 34

The Swiss bombshell drops in for a chat, and tells us about her career in the watch industry.

8 years ago

Professional athlete supported by North Kiteboarding, JEEP, traser swiss H3 watches and Rip Curl on instagram @manuelajungo Sportsperson

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