Shinn Jackson + K foil 130 x 45cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Shinn Jackson + K foil 130 x 45cm 2018

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At A Glance

Shinn have been producing some incredibly top end boards for many years now, this issue we are going to be taking a look at the new Shinn Jackson foil board and Model K foil set up.

The Jackson is a dedicated foil board with sizes accommodating the entry level foiler through to the foil masters out there. The board is a super robust snowboard construction, with a swept nose, beveled rails, one-piece 3D traction pad, Sneaker LTD Straps and Trim-Tracks. The swept nose and beveled rails allow you to ride knowing you are far less likely to catch a rail or trip over the front of your board, less crashes, more riding time. The 3D traction pad provides not only grip, but added control over the rails and tail of the board. We now see the addition of a 130cm size variant.

The Model K foil is a new addition from Shinn, which comes as the perfect progressive foil. Aimed at those wanting to move on from their first foiling experiences through to those advanced freeride foilers who are not only looking for speed but a flowing, carving wing that’s capable of it all. The Model K foil has a Carbon re-enforced mid aspect ratio wing, an ST2 inverted profile stabilizer, Quik-Fit plate and all comes in a super smart padded case. Building the board is super simple and the quick-fit mounting system works well and makes it easy to quickly reduce the size of your kit for transport.

The Model K foil mast and fuselage are cross compatible with all other Shinn wings and stabilizers so if you want to add something extra for those days when you are looking to up the speed or alternatively teach your mates, then you can just swap the wings out.

Sizes: 120 x 45, 130 x 45, 145 x 45cm
Mast Options: 40, 60, 70, 90cm

“It’s fast, stable and loves to be carved”

On The Water

Heading out with the Jackson and K foil in some pretty light winds for the first session, with a pretty small kite, I was skeptical as to whether I would be able to get up and onto the foil. However, the 130 x 45 Jackson has enough surface area to get you out riding even on the days you suspect you’re likely to be swimming at some point. That day in particular was bang onshore, 12knts, 2ft waves (which is never easy); here the chunky 3d traction pad made life that bit better by providing a nice easy point for which to securely hold the foil while battling the waves.

Up on the foil, the K foil starts to lift at fairly low speeds and even at these low speeds remains very stable. Start building up some speed and the foil handles it incredibly well with a very solid feel underfoot, there is some whistling from the foil but this is nothing to worry about. The top speeds are of course not as high as we could see on the model F from Shinn or a race foil, but that’s not what we are looking for with this set up. The ride is very progressive and smooth, locking into an upwind tack, bearing off and back on - you never feel like the foil is going to suddenly bite and crank right over. The board and foil combo have plenty of upwind reach for the freeride foilers out there and the beveled rails and swept nose of the Jackson saved me many a time out in the chop.

The Jackson’s 3D deck pad allows for you to pop some extra pressure over the rail or the board if you desire. The Y strap configuration for me did take a little getting used to (where the two sit very close together), yet once dialed in this was comfortable and having both straps so central gave a far more centered feel over the board for toeside riding and carving.

The K wing was awesome for carving about in the swell, very smooth and stable. The foil retains speed well allowing you to dump a bit more power and focus on your carving more. If you get a bit excited while carving the foil can exit and re-enter the water fairly well without the tendency to chuck you off. Jumping on the K foil is brilliant the foil handles the build-up in speed and again exits the water easily and efficiently.


If you are looking at moving up from your first foil to something more exciting, or just fancy a new ride, then the Jackson and K foil should be on your list. It sits at a lower price point than a lot of foils out there, has some brilliant design and construction features and is capable of suiting a variety of riding styles. It’s fast, stable and loves to be carved.


This review was in Issue 70 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Shinn


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