North Kiteboarding Scoop Mini 110 x 45cm 2023 Kitesurfing Review

North Kiteboarding Scoop Mini 110 x 45cm 2023

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At A Glance

Looking for a minimalist foil board that's light and stiff? The Scoop Mini from North Kiteboarding could be the answer. It's a small board at 110cm or 3'7 ft depending on your persuasion. With a hybrid carbon construction and a high-density foam core delivering just 10l of volume, this is a board for experienced foilers looking for a small board to let them feel as free as possible.

It's a simple design with a full deck pad and a full quota of inserts for every strap position imaginable. On the underside, you will find a slight concave, and there is plenty of nose rocker for those pesky touchdowns too. The board features the Drop Box track system too; by splitting the two tracks into four and having bolt-sized holes at the top of each track, you can leave your bolts attached to your mast and simply drop the mast plate into the board and tighten. Simple and clever!

Size: 3'7" / 110 x 45cm

On The Water

This is going to suit most experienced riders, especially with the multitude of strap configurations, and of course, you can go strapless too. The board is very stiff. We noticed that immediately, every input of the feet is directly transported to the foil beneath you. Size-wise, it is small; I usually ride a 120. However, I didn't feel like the Scoop Mini was too much of a step down. The nose rocker really makes it more forgiving than the small stature suggests.

With a super comfortable deck pad, you can spend hours on this thing without getting sore feet. One thing to note is the low volume. 10l isn't much, so just be aware of that. If you are planning on swimming in when the wind dies, this board won't float you at all. However, that's not what the Scoop Mini is about, it's designed to deliver performance in spades from a minimalist platform, and it does that with aplomb.


Keen foilers will love the stripped-down nature of this board that still packs a host of features, including all the strap positions you could want and the Drop Box track system. The performance is there in spades, too. It's light, nimble, and stiff. You will have plenty of fun flying on top of this! Well played, North, well played!


This review was in Issue 97 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit North Kiteboarding


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