Armstrong Foils WKT 109cm (3’7 x 16.5”, 8.2L) 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Armstrong Foils WKT 109cm (3’7 x 16.5”, 8.2L) 2023

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At A Glance

Armstrong is a brand that needs no introduction. If you're into foiling, you already know the name and their signature black and white striped hydrofoil range. They are at the forefront of foil design and engineering, with an extensive range of hydrofoils to fit any and every application.

Their board range, on the other hand, is relatively small, clocking in at only three different models after the recent release of the Armstrong WKT. WKT stands for Wake, Kite, and Tow, and this multi-function model is the smallest board in their range.

Our test model, the WKT109, has a volume of 8.2L, and this nimble little creature was designed for the advanced wakefoilers, kitefoilers, and towfoilers out there. Fear not! The WKT comes in two larger sizes (122cm for intermediate riders and a user-friendly 137cm for the rookies).

The low-volume board WKT features ultra tough C beam construction, using high tech moulded carbon. Their top-of-the-range finishes extend to their signature carbon pattern, high-strength carbon A+System mast tracks, and titanium footstrap inserts. The board features a chiselled nose outline with progressive rocker, and an impressively thin rail. It's hard to imagine a board so light and thin can be so durable!

We can't write a review without commenting on the top-notch packaging that Armstrong has chosen. The WKT comes with its own high quality board bag which is well thought out, allowing you to transport the board with or without the foil attached.

Sizes: 109cm (3'7 x 16.5”, 8.2L), 122cm (4'0 x 17.25”, 9.5L), 137cm (4'6 x 18.5”, 11.5L)

On The Water

We were stoked to get out in some nice 10-13 knot winds on a 9m kite. We paired the WKT with the Armstrong CF950V2 to make sure we had the full package, exactly as designer and owner Armie Armstrong intended his customers to experience Armstrong equipment!

Once we got going, everything felt super lively. It felt as if there was nothing between your feet and foil, thanks to the super thin design of the WKT. For an advanced rider, it is super easy to get up, but, if you're still learning and need to get planing first, we would recommend getting a larger size with more volume, or going with a more kitefoil specific board. If you're a foil aficionado that just needs something to put their feet on while getting the most direct feel to the foil, the WKT109 is a winner.

We had a chance to get this board behind a ski as well as behind the kite. Due to its small volume, the board is very sinkable, which is really useful when behind a boat or kite, making it easier to lock your feet in and get towed/pulled right up.

The Armstrong grip has a beautiful and unique custom design and is really grippy, giving you even more control over your foil. The M8 inserts make it super easy to add any strap without the stress of using self-tapping screws.

Another thing that stood out on the WKT was the lengths of the track on the bottom side of the board. We had so many options for foil placement that we were really able to dial our ride in to get the most out of the board and foil, whether it was on a wake, kite, or towing!


In the Armstrong board lineup, the WKT is, without doubt, the cool new kid on the block. Because of its multi-function nature, we wouldn't say that this is an ideal board to learn how to hydrofoil with, but if you are a confident foiler who is ready to make the jump to a compact, do-it-all board, try this board!

For avid kite foilers and appreciators of Armstrong design and quality, this is a board you'll want to take a closer look at. The WKT provides the ultimate connected feeling to your foil. If you are looking for something small and compact that you can kite, wake, tow and dock start on, this board will be your best friend. The WKT is an ultra-compact board that does it all, with size choices that will take you from rookie to foil royalty.


This review was in Issue 96 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Armstrong Foils


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