DUOTONE Pace 4’6” 2020 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Pace 4’6” 2020

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At A Glance

The Pace is a short stubby freeride board that makes up one of four in the range. The more race orientated Indy offers performance, while the Free is a more stripped-down twin tip construction affair. The Hybrid Whip offers a surfboard platform with inserts whereas the Pace is a bona fide freeride foil board dedicated to making your time on and above the water memorable.

Available in a range of sizes including the ultra-short 3’11’’, the 4’2” the 4’8” we have on test and a 4’10”. Each board follows the same design premise a deep double concave in the nose, bevelled rails and plenty of nose rocker without it looking too ridiculous. The boards are light and with a decent amount of volume, especially in the larger sizes, perfect for those inevitable swims back to the beach when you crash the kite in light winds.

Configurable with a Y footstrap set up, or a double inline one you can also leave the straps off. Two deck pads make the ride comfortable, and the double track for the foil makes it compatible with all the modern foils out there using the double-track setup.

On The Water

I’m a big fan of boards with a bit of volume for foiling - I’ve had too many swims to enjoy the zero volume offerings out there when the wind is light. Not only can they help when you are swimming, but the extra volume also makes those tacks and gybes easier when you inevitably stuff them up.

The Pace sits well with me as a board then, and on the water and in the air it delivered too. Plenty of volume to make it forgiving and easy to ride, yet interestingly even strapless it was easy to water start. Anyone who rides strapless will appreciate how a board willing to sit at an angle in the water can make life easier; the Pace does this very well.

It’s stiff too, the feedback from your feet goes straight to the foil, and we didn’t feel any flex or give from the board at all. The wider nose with good rocker helps when touching down and the double concave reduces any sticking and allows it to bounce back up. The 4’6” was a great size for the intermediate and beginner riders out there, the more experienced might want to go for something a little more radical like the 4’2” or 3’11”. However, the smaller you go, the less forgiving the board becomes when you make errors.

Our one addition would be some non-slip, wax or pads, in between the straps. While you are learning, not everyone is making the best foot movements, and a bit of grip here will go a long way to making those early transitions easier.


Beautifully made, light and stiff, the Pace is an excellent freeride platform to make your foiling sessions dreamy. Responsive and easy to water start with enough volume for the swim back home when you make a mistake, produces a compelling package!

This review was in Issue 81 of IKSURFMAG.

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