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North Kiteboarding Navigator Short Throw 2024

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Introducing the Short Throw bar, designed to bring the trim handle within closer reach. With this new feature, the Trim handle is brought 10cm closer, providing easier access for smaller riders to reach after releasing. They recommend using the Short Throw bar with kites that are 12m and smaller to achieve sufficient depower, especially in high winds.

The Navigator Control System seamlessly connects riders to their kite using industry-leading SK99 Dyneema lines from Liros for precise performance. It boasts a faster and safer release, along with an intuitive single-action reload that works in all conditions. Moreover, the Connect Quick Release and leash are now compliant with ISO Standard 21853:2020, delivering peace of mind while flying.

Effortlessly switch between various disciplines with the Toolless Interloop, a modular harness loop replacement system that does not require any tools. The Navigator's ergonomic design ensures durability, comfort, and tactile control, making it easy for riders to know the position of their kite without thinking twice.

The Control Bar, Flying Lines, Connect Quick Release, Short Freeride Loop with Finger, Standard Leash, and Repair Kit are all included with the Navigator Control System. The Connect Quick Release is equipped with an intuitive single-action reload for added convenience and safety. The bar features an omnidirectional grip with an offset finger bar and color-coded components for easy identification.

The Navigator Control System also incorporates a lightweight over-molded trim handle with Dyneema lines and a durable covered mainline with customized TPU tubing. Additionally, the loops are made from optimized TPU material to provide flexibility and durability. The freeride security finger is more rigid to prevent any unexpected unhooking, while the Flexible LockGuard safety ring prevents accidental release of the interloop.

The patented and ISO-approved Connect Quick Release raises the bar in terms of kite control system safety. Its ergonomically designed red handle ensures a comfortable grip for an industry-standard push-away release. The loaded or running surfaces feature highly polished 316 stainless steel and low-friction components. Inside the QR, a stretchy and larger diameter bungee helps reduce accidental release.

The Navigator comes with strong, pre-stretched flying lines that have a thinner profile, resulting in less parasitic drag and uncompromised direct performance. The flying lines are 88m in length, providing a noticeable difference in kite response. These high-load LIROS DC-401 Pro flying lines have extreme stretch resistance and a minimal diameter (1.6mm), leading to unparalleled performance.

Fine-tuning the turning speed of the kite is a breeze with the Navigator, which is available in three sizes: 50-55cm (L), 45-50cm (M), and 38-43cm (S). The bar length can be extended or retracted by simply pulling out the cassettes on the bar-ends, rotating them 180 degrees, and snapping them back into place.

The Navigator is designed to enhance the rider's connection to the kite. It features a comfortable ergonomic grip for a natural grasp, and the tactile offset finger bar is slightly oval so that riders can feel when the control bar is properly orientated. Furthermore, the bar ends, leader tubing, and line retainer pull tabs are color-coded, paying homage to their sailing heritage with red representing port and green representing starboard.

The oval-shaped leash pin ring is elongated, making it easier to fasten the leash carabiner, and it spins to prevent twisting of the landing line. To ensure durability, the positive buoyancy bar ends with integrated line winder bungees are injection-molded in one piece without any glue seams.

Color-coded PU tubing covers are used to prevent line abrasion against the skin, and they also help keep the flying lines rigid and out of the way when not under tension. The Navigator also provides industry-proven line adjustment when needed, with a circularly designed cleat base for consistent bar spin. The molded trim handle is made from Nylon/EVA for strength, featuring a textured soft-touch grip.

Top-quality German-made Dyneema depower and trim line are used in the Navigator, offering extreme wear resistance and a special impregnation coating for enhanced abrasion resistance. The symmetric multibore landing line channel allows the landing line and flying line to pass through smoothly without getting snagged, regardless of the orientation during deployment or reload.

For versatility, the Navigator offers various line length options. The 22m lines have a split at 12m, allowing the bar to completely depower larger kites when flagged out. Removing the standard 10m top section of flying line makes 12m lines ideal for schools and foil racing. Additionally, 8m and 6m line extensions are available as accessories for wave riding or tighter kiteloops.

To ensure compatibility with most other manufacturers' kite configurations, the flying lines of the Navigator Control System are designed to be the same length. This makes it easy to change the front (knotted end) and rear (lark's head loop) connectors as needed. It is important for riders to familiarize themselves with the safety procedures and trimming instructions provided in their kite's user manual.

The Navigator Control System includes a premium quality freeride leash with a high load carabiner, soft neoprene cover, and non-abrasive elasticized webbing. The leash's QR mechanism has been modified to maintain the correct orientation upon release, ensuring consistent and safe release and reload.

Lastly, the bar ends of the Navigator have been carefully designed to provide a safe and comfortable experience. They prevent any hard objects from coming into contact with the rider or board, and the entire bar floats. Additionally, they house the concealed rear line adjustment. It is recommended to check the lines for evenness and drop them to the bottom knot after approximately one month of use to account for any potential line shrinkage. This quick task takes only a minute to perform.

In summary, the Navigator Control System with the Short Throw bar is a game-changer for riders of all sizes. With its innovative features, including the closer trim handle, intuitive Connect Quick Release, and toolless interloop, it provides unmatched performance, convenience, and safety. The ergonomic design, durable construction, and precise control make the Navigator a must-have for kite enthusiasts.


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