Cabrinha Overdrive Quickloop 1x Recoil Bar 2021 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Overdrive Quickloop 1x Recoil Bar 2021

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The Cabrinha Overdrive 1x Recoil Bar is one of four control systems to choose from in the bar range from Cabrinha. There have been some solid upgrades from previous years, not only making the bar easier to use but also providing a safe system if things don’t go to plan.

The bar can be purchased in two sizes. A medium bar, measuring at 44-52cm, or the larger model, which measures at 52-60cm.

The bar itself has a really nice feel when in the hands. An all-new soft ergonomic grip leads out to colour coded floats. When you hold the bar, you can really feel that Cabrinha has spent some time using efficient materials that should make this bar long-lasting! The bar has been designed for all levels of riding. Use this bar as a complete beginner or all the way up to pro level.

Going into a little more detail about the bar now… why is it named the Overdrive Quickloop 1x Recoil Bar? Well, let’s look at the bar itself first. It features a textured bar grip with an ergonomically designed asymmetric finger bar. In a nutshell, it’s super comfortable when you are riding around, fits nicely in the palm of your hand and never slips. The soft-touch bar ends provide a safe steering platform, and on the underside of each bar end, you’ll see the new adjustable bar ends. These new ends feature an 8cm width and leader adjustment that can be adjusted before or during your time on the water!

Now for the Recoil part, as you can see from the images provided, it does look a little different around the trim system in reference to other bars on the market today. It’s a little chunkier and definitely a little heavier, but there are some lovely perks that make this bar stand out. This bar offers the most amount of depower across the range, so turning the power on and off is quick, easy and very efficient, great for wave riding!

The Recoil system is also great because the depower handle very close to the bar itself. Sometimes trying to grab your trim system when you’re travelling at speed or throwing down manoeuvres can be challenging, or I’m sure you’ve found over your kiting career the trim system has got wrapped around the flagging coated line, so before you play around with your power, you have to unwrap the pully. With this bar, you don’t have this issue. The pulleys are always where you want them and will return to the same position regardless of how much depower you choose to put on. This was my favourite feature because there was never excess rope hanging down from the bar getting in the way.

As for the Quickloop, it works great for all disciplines of riding. It features a spinning handle which helps remove any tangles from the flagging line. It has a quick and easy quick release system and still features the security pin system to engage the chicken loop back in place. We’ve seen some brands have gone down the route of a click-in seatbelt like system; however, Cabrinha still uses a similar system to before. When pulling the safety, the kite completely depowers itself almost instantly, and the bar has an AFNOR certified safety standard.

A great feature with this bar is you can also use it with other kites brands due to how the pigtails and knots line up with the majority of bridle/steering lines, so, if you were to ever change your kite, you wouldn’t necessarily need to change your bar.


To conclude, I’m impressed with the features this bar has on offer. It has everything you want and includes qualities that make your kite session easier and safer! I enjoyed the recoil trim system and never having excess line hanging from the bar. The overall feel of the bar is solid, and it’s a bar you can pair with numerous kites on the market today! Great for beginners all the way up to competition level, long-lasting 100% DSM Dyneema lines also stay true to length and will enable you to get the best feel from your kite. Overall, a really great bar that does everything you need!


This review was in Issue 87 of IKSURFMAG.

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