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1 year ago

Danny Barnette is really tempting us to plan a trip!

3 years ago

We're all different. We think differently, we like different things, and we learn in different ways. So when it comes to injecting some energy into...

4 years ago

149 clips in 2 min - Don't blink! Leftovers is a compilation of the clips from the past year of life that wasn't high enough...

4 years ago

Danny Barnette shares some of the best moments he's experienced over the past year in this compilation; enjoy!

5 years ago

Danny Barnette shares what he's been up to over the past few months in and around the beautiful island and waters of Fiji! This edit...

6 years ago

We LOVE downwinder edits like this! Come ride along with Danny Barnette and company as they dangleboard into the sunset. Here's a closer look inside...

8 years ago

Kitesurfing has the ability to really change lives, it gets you hooked in and then you're addicted! Austin Waclo and Danny Barnette got the bug,...

9 years ago

Join Austin Waclo and Danny Barnette as they take advantage of what looks like a pretty awesome flat water spot near Cape Cod. You wouldn't want to...

10 years ago

North sponsored rider Danny Barnette hits the bottom end of the slick at Hatteras and goes for broke boosting between the pools.  With new video...