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1 week ago

Learn essential techniques for navigating gusty wind conditions in this informative tutorial by Kitesurf College including; valuable insights on preventing stalls, managing strong gusts, and...

2 months ago

In the video, Alex Buss from Kitesurf College provides helpful tips on how to avoid death loops while kitesurfing. The video shows real-life footage contributed...

10 months ago

Alex Buss guides us through everything about twintips! The first section explains some basic board physics, and The second section talks us through the different...

1 year ago

Alex Buss dives into the nitty-gritty of centre-line-trim and steering-line-trim systems. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each control bar type and gain insights...

1 year ago

How's this for a stylish trick? Alex from Kitesurf College shows us how to do a heelside backflip in this video. If you can do...

1 year ago

Alex Buss (Kite-Surf-College Tutorials and Tricks) gives us the lowdown on how to master a front-roll hand drag in his latest tutorial.

2 years ago

Alex Buss explains how to waterstart when your board is stuck behind you, with the board on the upwind side instead of the downwind side....

3 years ago

In this tutorial, Alex Buss (Kitesurf College) talks us through the most common mistakes you might face during your first kiteboarding lessons. 00:00 Not letting...

3 years ago

Alex Buss is back, and this week he explains how to master a surface backroll (full 360°) - Any questions? Comment below!