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1 year ago

In this tutorial, Alex Buss (Kite-Surf-College) explains the drift launch, in detail. It starts with a simple drift launch and then shows another version that…

1 year ago

Up for trying something new this weekend? Alex Buss from Kite-Surf-College Tutorials and Tricks talks us through the butter slide (or nose slide) in detail.…

1 year ago

Many people have experienced that unsettling moment when they see their kite flying down towards them. In this tutorial, Alex Buss (Kite-Surf College) explains what…

1 year ago

If you've recently become an independent rider, here are a few tricks to tick off the list! In this video, Alex Buss (Kite-Surf-College) talks us…

1 year ago

Alex Buss (Kite-Surf-College Tutorials and Tricks) explains lightwind kiteboarding skills, in detail, in his latest tutorial. It coves how to generate the most power from…

2 years ago

This is one worth your time. Alex Buss (Kitesurf College Youtube Channel) talks us through and explains 7 different kiteboarding accidents in detail. Hopefully learning…