In this tutorial, Alex Buss (Kitesurf College) talks us through the most common mistakes you might face during your first kiteboarding lessons.

00:00 Not letting go of the bar
01:37 Trainer kite habits
02:09 Basic piloting mistakes
03:27 Oversteering a kite
04:58 Steering delay misunderstanding
06:08 Creating drag with low airflow
08:13 Bodydrag without piloting skills
09:13 Waterstart without piloting skills
10:17 Relying on the board to stop
11:16 Long run on your strong side
12:15 Low kite when new to riding
13:31 Kite launch issues
14:22 The cost of skipping lessons
14:54 Kite handling mistakes

Sat 31st Jul, 2021 @ 12:00 pm

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