Introducing the FALCON from Lieuwe Board – their lightest Big Air performance kiteboard to date! Years of research and development have gone into the making of this carbon board, with the goal of providing a smooth, comfortable ride while giving you the ultimate levels of speed, pop, and energy return – without the usual disadvantages of riding a typical stiff carbon board!

Robot Crafted: Thanks to our latest invention, robot-crafted insert tracks allow you to determine the perfect stance with extreme precision and are never-to-move-again thanks to an all-new autolock system. The new inserts let you mount any binding that are on the market.


  • The ultra-lightweight makes it much easier to turn, pop over waves, do board-offs and send it to new heights.
  • The rail channels at the bottom keep you in control during take-off and landing. This also gives the feeling of control during fast riding.
  • The double concave ensures the board is stable on the water because the board is sucked down a little bit. The straight outline helps to achieve higher speed with a lot of grip, providing more control during more extreme conditions.
  • The relatively thin tips give the board enough flexibility during choppy conditions, and it easily cuts through the water. This makes it a very comfortable board, especially for carbon!

Click here to find out more about Lieuwe’s Falcon Board.

Wed 26th Apr, 2023 @ 9:00 pm


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