Set of Quobba Fins

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Set of Quobba Fins

Happy Friday! Ready to learn something new this weekend?! In his latest SA Masterclass, Steven Akkersdijk talks us through 2 easy steps to nail a darkslide!

“With some easy steps, this is a trick you’ll be doing forever.” – Steven 

Watch this!

00:07 What do the following tricks have in common?
00:36 Kite steering
01:10 Exercise 1: Suspended flight
02:25 Keypoints: Soft pop
02:55 Keypoints: Kite steering
03:37 Additional Exercise: Loop practise
04:25: Control your flight height
05:48 Exercise 2: The Darkslide
07:02 Keypoints Darkslide

Filming/cover picture: Jos Denis-Robichaud

Video supported by: CORE Kiteboarding and Charter & Sail

Fri 26th Aug, 2022 @ 9:00 am


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