The North Kiteboarding team has some exciting news to share! Club North is the first global members club to offer on-water insurance, extended warranties, and quick kite and sail repairs. You’ll also receive the most accurate wind and wave forecasts from PredictWind, so you’ll be alert to perfect conditions, near and far. Take advantage of early access to new products and free shipping on all three brands to stay on top of the latest innovations. As part of their global community of like-minded Club North Members, RSVP to brand events and global demo programs as often as you like.

As a Club North Member, we cover you on the water in all conditions and offer exclusive access and experiences for you to make the most out of your rides. Get your membership here.

North Actionsports Group to Kick-off Club North: First Global Members Club of Its Kind

North Actionsports Group (NAG) announces the launch of Club North, the first global members club of its kind in the watersports industry. Club North covers members on the water in all conditions and offers members exclusive access and experiences to make the most out of their sports.

Club North is a joint membership that applies to all three NAG brands: North Kiteboarding, Mystic, and North Windsurfing. It aims to enable and inspire members with peace of mind and access to one-of-a-kind benefits. Watersports enthusiasts worldwide are encouraged to join, whether they are beginners or have been riding for most of their life.

Club North covers members with personal accident insurance for on-water activities, equipment insurance during travel, and extended warranties. Members also receive free access to the pro weather app PredictWind to be the first to know about perfect conditions and expedited kite and sail repairs across North’s repair centres.

Members will also access exclusive brand experiences, including invites to events and demo programs worldwide, as part of Club North’s global community of like-minded members. They furthermore benefit from free shipping, early access, and an exclusive welcome gift. All in all, members can use the latest gear in the industry as they progress on the water.

“We’re thrilled to be kicking Club North off the ground. Club North brings a sense of ease for riders to try new things and approach the water how they want to, without worrying about their gear or any other mishaps. In the upcoming months, members can expect exciting events where we’ll focus on bringing the community together around something we all have in common – love for the water,” said Thies Jansen, CEO of NAG.

Sign-up is completed through the Club North section on all NAG brand’s websites: North KiteboardingMystic & North Windsurfing

About North Actionsports Group

Headquartered in the Netherlands, the North Actionsports Group offers industry-leading products for kiteboarding, windsurfing, foiling, and wakeboarding, with its brands North Kiteboarding, Mystic, and North Windsurfing. North Actionsports Group is part of the North Technology Group, a diverse family of companies serving marine and manufacturing markets.

Mon 25th Jul, 2022 @ 12:30 pm


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