Ben Beholz braving the cold effortlessly in his Prolimit Thermal Rebound – The lining is directly derived from survival blankets for protection against cold conditions. Extra protected layer between the neoprene and zodiac to reflect your body heat and to block wind chill. Keeping you comfortable, dry and light.

The 4 layer construction Thermal Rebound lining. This technology goes back to the mid 1970’s where NASA developed the thermal blankets for their manned missions into space as insulation.

Since 2011 the same principle is used on all major sporting events where Athletes are draped in shiny silver blankets when they finIn addition, This effect of survival blankest for the protection against cold conditions is now available in our neoprene wetsuits.

Four layer construction

  • The outer layer ensures resilient protection.
  • Super stretchy neoprene layer provides insulation and unrestricted movement.
  • Alloy Thermal Rebound retains and regulates body heat.
  • A quick-dry thermal fleece offers comfort enhanced by the Zodiac2plush thermal grid for optimal warmth.

Extra protection layer between the neoprene and Zodiac2 to reflect body heat and to block wind chill. Patent-pending nr. 15/169,749

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Sat 29th Jan, 2022 @ 9:00 am

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