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2 days ago

In Ben Beholz's latest Freistiel vlog, he starts the day with a foil session, then a wingsurfing session, and a freestyle session before hitting the…

1 week ago

With a good forecast, Ben Beholz is back on the road, headed south of Sardinia, visiting Capo Di Pula, Stintino and L'Almanarre.

3 weeks ago

Ben Beholz scores big with the wind gusting at 30 knots and butter-flat waters! Who doesn't love conditions like that?!

1 month ago

Been trying to land a KGB lately? Well, Ben Beholz lets us in on a few top tips in his latest vlog!

1 month ago

In Ben Beholz's latest vlog, he talks us through the steps to nail your first wingfoiling Heelside Tack - Any questions? Comment below!

2 months ago

Ben Beholz is back in Ponta Trettu, and in this vlog, Ben explains his recent series of unfortunate kiting debacles, and his recovery from them,…

2 months ago

Get ready for winter with Prolimit's Vapor, Mercury and Oxygen wetsuits featuring the Thermal Rebound technology. This is an extra layer in between the neoprene…

2 months ago

As Ben Beholz recuperates from an injury, he packs his wingfoil set up away for a minute and heads outfor some freestyle action... Watch his…

3 months ago

It's time to check Lake Como off your bucket list! Ben Beholz's latest vlog is out, and in it, he shares his top tips for…