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3 hours ago

Ben Beholz just released his latest vlog sharing the unfiltered truth about his trip to Dubai - Click here to watch it!

5 days ago

Ben Beholz just released his latest vlog - 'The Art of Kiteboarding' - Check it out!

1 week ago

Can't get enough of winter adventures? Check out Ben Beholz's latest kitesurfing vlog, 'Conquering Ice and Snow'!

2 months ago

Ben Beholz and the crew explore Sardinia in his latest vlog!

3 months ago

Ben Beholz puts CORE's Fusion 6 and Choice 5 through their paces and gives us the lowdown in his latest vlog!

4 months ago

Ben Beholz just shared his latest vlog, RAW SERIES #006 - Can he stick his new big air tricks in 25-30 knots? Find out here!

4 months ago

Ben Beholz has always loved freestyle. However, in his RAW Series, Ben decides to learn Big Air tricks to compare how difficult they are to…

5 months ago

Don't miss Ben Beholz's latest vlog! In this episode, he embarks on yet another challenging mission - This time, he and Jan SchroŐąder attempt to…

5 months ago

Ben Beholz has just released the latest episode of his Freistiel series from Lake Como. In this vlog, he counts how many backroll-to-blind variations he…