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3 weeks ago | 4:21

Ben Beholz is back with his latest BOUCH vlog, and in this episode, he demonstrates his top 3 tricks for beginners - check it out!…

3 months ago | 4:14

Ben Beholz is back with his latest episode of BOUCH! A frontroll might be one of the most simple rotations to learn, but Ben shares…

3 months ago | 4:59

Unfortunately fake spring seems to have come to an end around most of Europe - check out what Ben Beholz got up last week on a…

5 months ago | 4:50

In this episode of BOUCH! Ben Beholz breaks down the keys tips and tricks to master a backmobe. Watch it. Try. it. Stomp it. Just go…

5 months ago | 3:37

In this episode of BOUCH! Ben Beholz shares some essential tips for anyone attempting to master a backroll handslide! Try it, stomp it, just go…

6 months ago | 5:20

Ben Beholz ventures out of his comfort zone, and swaps the northern seas for southern mountains. Living in Northern Germany, Snowkiting was never an option for…

6 months ago | 4:37

What we consider warm is relative to where we live! Ben Beholz is blessed with 10c and southern winds at his home spot in Germany.…

8 months ago | 4:3

Ben Beholz ventures to Leco, Lake Como and checks out what's on offer; not a bad spot for the wind to die out! #COREkiteboarding #IKSURFMAG

10 months ago | 3:4

Learn how to learn a new trick with Ben Beholz! Learning a trick doesn't come coincidentally, in this short edit, Ben Beholz explains how understanding…


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