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1 week ago

Ready to see something different? Today we're bringing you a brand new vlog by Ben Beholz, with nothing but pure kiteboarding bliss!

3 weeks ago

Ben Beholz just dropped his latest vlog from the stunning Lake Como in RAW Series #003. Enjoy!

1 month ago

In his most recent vlog, Ben Beholz answers some of the questions that have frequently been posed to him, including how he manages to finance…

2 months ago

Ben Beholz just released RAW Series #002 from Costa Brava, aka the Wild Coast or the Rough Coast. Tune in!

2 months ago

Ben Beholz is on another adventure in South Africa's Western Cape, and this one brings him to a very special spot. For the kiters out…

2 months ago

Ben Beholz packs up and heads to  Capetown to try out his latest gear in his latest vlog - Click here to join his adventure!

3 months ago

In this video, Ben Beholz shows how versatile kiteboarding can be; it can be done on water, snow, sand, concrete, and many more. Why not…

3 months ago

Ladies and Gentlemen - our IKSURFMAG Best Vlogger of 2022, Ben Beholz, just dropped his latest vlog - 'How To Control GUSTY WIND' - Click…

3 months ago

Best Kitesurfing Brand of 2022 As one of the highest accolades in the kitesurfing industry, the Best Kitesurfing Brand is one of our most coveted…