SPEED, SPEED, SPEED – is what the Toon Max is all about! Maxime Nocher, Lauriane Nolot, Lorenzo Boschetti and Tiana Laporte give us the lowdown!

“Regardless of the conditions, The Toon Maax kite will help you achieve outstanding speed. The bar feedback and its precise control will convince you to ride it in all terrains in all conditions. It has perfect stability, that even on strong wind you will not feel the gust. This kite will help you to achieve new goals and progress to the highest levels. Once you try this kite, everything will become easier. Your user-friendly kite, that you would like to have for any discipline.”

Athletes: Maxime Nocher, Lauriane Nolot, Lorenzo Boschetti, Tiana Laporte

Video production: Amandine Desjeux Drone shots: Cyril Bighetti

Sun 5th Sep, 2021 @ 7:30 pm


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