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Alex Buss (Kitesurf College) just released part 2 of Kitemares. From death loops to tangled lines to launching mistakes, Alex breaks down the mistakes that were made and how to hopefully avoid them in the future. Give this one a watch.  If you haven’t seen part 1 yet, check it out here.

00:07 a kite-foiler who rode downwind faster than the wind and ended up with a death loop.
02:44 a kiter who faced a similar death loop after getting their kite stuck on the sand.
07:08 a kiter having issues with their line lengths, leading to an uncontrollable kite.
11:01 a launch mistake that could have fatal and could easily have been avoided.

To see their full videos visit check out the link below:

Kitemare 1: Gaspard Dabbadie
Kitemare 2: Marcin Cugier
Kitemare 3: Laurent Muschel
Kitemare 4: Karina

Mon 28th Jun, 2021 @ 9:00 am

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