Transform your fear into action. This beautiful film by Israel Gil is an inspiring narrative on conquering fear, framed around kiteboarding and freediving, featuring Christiaan Zweers in Bonaire.

“I hope that this video inspired by Christiaan’s Mindset towards life guides you to surpass any type of fear. Help you transform this fear into action. Distribute such actions in a series of steps. And push you to manifest your *self* in the high frequency possible.” – Israel Gil

This video was created for three purposes:

1. Build awareness around kiteboarding and freediving as fast-growing sports on Bonaire.

2. Create interest in supporting Christiaan Zweers to attend the 2024 Olympics.

3. Push anyone who watches this video to live without fear and trusting your body to get through any difficulty.

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Thu 21st Jan, 2021 @ 12:00 pm

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