FULL MOVIE COMING SOON! Come to the end of the first round of lockdowns in Melbourne, Ewan Jaspan and  Katie Potter decided to drive up the coast to the more tropical waters of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. As they arrived, a second COVID wave hit, so they decided to stay until it blew over. It wasn’t long until Peri Roberts and Alex Lewis-Hughes decided to join them as well.  Watch Interstate, Overseas Teaser, right here!

“We had 4 months on the Sunshine Coast in total. Although it wasn’t very windy, we all got to do plenty of activities, and any wind was better than the harsh lockdowns our friends at home were faced with. We learnt to surf foil, spent plenty of time wakeboarding, surfing and even got to explore the Great Barrier Reef with good friend Dave Serrano. By the end of the trip we had amassed some really nice footage from lots of different spots, so we decided to make a video series, showing our time up the coast and what we got up to over the break from overseas travel.”

Wed 9th Dec, 2020 @ 12:00 am

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