After successful factory inspections, the following Flysurfer RAM-Air kites have been approved by the IKA Technical Committee as registered series production equipment for the IKA Formula Kite Class.

Flysurfer VMG2 23m
Flysurfer VMG2 21m
Flysurfer VMG2 18m
Flysurfer VMG2 15m
Flysurfer VMG2 13m
Flysurfer VMG2 11m
Flysurfer VMG2 10m
Flysurfer VMG2 09m
Flysurfer VMG2 08m

The FLYSURFER VMG2 is the world’s first Two-Level foil kite with a supported profile technology.

The canopy is normally supported by three bridle levels and brake lines that are attached to the trailing edge. The complex bridle line system is controlled by several pulleys to change the profiles camber and angle of attack. The VMG2 only changes the angle of attack and uses a constantly cambered profile supported by glass fibre rods to generate an efficient airfoil.

Flysurfer VMG2 kites will now be evaluated in the competition until the end of 2021 when World Sailing will license the 2024 Olympic equipment through a separate agreement with the successful manufacturers. For more information on Flysurfer CMG2 kites, please click here.

For more information about the IKA Formula Kite class, the Olympic kiteboarding format, equipment and upcoming events, please click here.

Find a list of registered series production kites, right here.

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Tue 23rd Jun, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

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