Rou Chater catches up with editor, videographer and Swedish rider, Pontus Belfrage. Pontus has worked with film, commercials and television since 2007 and making short kiteboarding movies. Watch his latest video ‘Thalassa Mother Machine’, right here and check out the Q&A’s below!

How often does it get that good in Sweden?

Sweden is often windy, mainly during spring and autumn but it’s not often that we do get ten days of consecutive, perfect wind, but it does happen! We have our eye on the forecast daily and rarely let the opportunity to shred pass by, regardless of the weather!

Sweden is not on the radar of many riders; why should we consider a trip there?

Southern Sweden is unique because it’s almost like an island; every wind direction works here, and you can cross the county of Skåne in 2 hours. Long sandy beaches that offer both world-class flat water spots and good wave spots (when the strong wind is on) with beautiful weather (kind of!), especially in the spring and summer.

How long have you been filming for this clip and how long did it take to put together?

The guys at ”The Dronery” Josef Bränsvik and Christoffer Björnram with Hanna Bengtsson filmed for one day and then it took me two weeks to put it together, including finding and clearing the beautiful song from the Swedish band Horisont. This is a non-commercial and zero budget project; the goal is to show the happiness and energy kitesurfing makes you feel!

What’s the plan for the next film?

I have a couple of films that I’m editing now (in between my day job!) We are currently brainstorming ideas; we’re planning on going much bigger for the next movie, so stay tuned!

The Crew

Edit: Pontus Belfrage
Cinematography: Josef Bränsvik, Christoffer Björnram, Hanna Bengtsson
Location: Sweden | Year: 2019

Find out more about Pontus Belfrage right here!

Thu 7th Nov, 2019 @ 9:00 am

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