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PLKB has pushed the new Escape even further! The Escape is a boosting machine which enables anyone to progress through tricks and big air jumps. The winning and distinctive features of the Escape have been kept, while the improvements on the canopy make the V8’s performance stand out big!

The 8th generation Escape maintains its high-quality materials and build, with its unique 4-strut, open C-shape design. The kite’s wide middle section and in-depth profile increase the float, keeping you up there during your big air tricks and megaloops, and still provides solid upwind to keep the rider in the competition box or close to the beer cooler.

Thanks to the Laser Tech in the canopy, the Escape V8 has become super smooth, limiting all wrinkles from forming in the canopy. This makes the kite more efficient and improves the Escape’s flight characteristics, overall making V8’s flight behaviour more stable, direct and responsive than before.

By shortening the trailing edge the V8 comes with improved handling and usable wind range, that doesn’t compromise on power and maximum fun! By shortening the trailing edge, the Escape now flies slightly further back in the window, which creates more power for pops. Throw the sickest unhooked tricks and megaloops and feel the power and control of the Escape V8. The Escape V8 is overall more powerful, efficient and direct, giving you the confidence and stoke to push your kiting to the next level!

It’s designed to connect to the rider, giving them all possibilities of style and riding that will make them want to kite seven days a week!

Tue 25th Jun, 2019 @ 12:00 pm


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