Notorious for extreme weather conditions, Oswald Smith and Kyle Cabano decided to venture toward the southern regions of the Cape Point peninsula, to film a few sessions at some of the lesser-frequented wave riding spots around Cape Town.

Being so far south, the Cape Point region has the benefit of being completely exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and the passing weather systems. This makes it the perfect location for serious wave riding, all year round!

After collecting heaving top-to-bottom runners hidden within the Cape Point Reserve, scoring a session among the mushy onshore breakers tucked into one of the many hidden False Bay beaches, a uniquely rare opportunity presented itself to the team.

This opportunity came in the form of an early winter gift from Mother Nature. A large West Swell, combined with moderate Southerly winds appeared on the charts. There was no question about it; they packed their bags, booked last minute flights, and headed for the desert. With their thumbs held tight that the boards would make it, and the unsurety of what they may find, at that moment they realised, The Plans Changed…

Airush 2020 Surf Series

Wave V9

Smooth Power and High Performance

  • Dedicated high-performance wave riding kite
  • Direct response, agile turning and perfect drift
  • Interchangeable fixed or pulley bridle system

Designed to deliver smooth power and high performance, the Wave is your go-to for wave and strapless riding. Customizable fixed or pulley bridles allow you to pick between a more direct steering and an on-off power delivery, or a smooth and progressive gust response with lighter bar pressure. Whichever you choose, the Wave offers you direct steering, agile turning, and perfect drift capabilities, allowing you to enjoy the most the surf has to offer.

For more information on Airush 2020 Wave V9, please click here.

Comp V3

Down-the-line Performance

  • Competition and down-the-line performance shape
  • High rocker with narrow nose & tail
  • Durable and flexible Reflex Bamboo construction

True to the name, the Comp is our competition and down-the-line performance oriented board. The high rocker allows you to edge into even the steepest of waves, while the narrow nose and tail open up the full turning abilities and top to bottom riding. The progressive flex bamboo sandwich enhances the durability and lifespan of your board while maintaining flex.

For more information on Airush 2020 Comp V3, please click here.

Amp V3

All-round Surf

  • All-around surf shape
  • Fast rocker with manoeuvre oriented outline
  • Durable and flexible construction

The AMP is our legendary all-around surf shape that combines a flat rocker for high speed and control, with a higher curve outline for optimal drive and manoeuvrability. The fuller nose aids the low wind performance, while the single to double concave absorbs chop effortlessly. The AMP sets a new performance standard in smaller wave and strapless riding.

Available in Reflex Bamboo, the sandwich top layer creates a responsive feel, while the UD Flax rail offers excellent durability and impact resistance.

Available in Reflex Carbon Innegra, the lightest in construction innovation without compromising durability.

For more information on Airush 2020 Amp V3, please click here.

Mini Monster V3

Surf-Style Fish

  • An ideal shape for onshore and flat water
  • Compact higher volume shape with a flat rocker
  • Durable and flexible Reflex Bamboo construction

Combining aspects of a surf-style fish and the classic surf directional board shape, the Mini Monster is the perfect board for smaller waves, lighter wind, or flat water riding. With well-distributed volume throughout the board and a performance rail, early planning and sub-planing performance are easily achieved, while maintaining the incredible turning and carving abilities you want from a freeride surf directional.

For more information on Airush 2020 Mini Monster V3, please click here.

Diamond Surf v4

Smaller Surf Specific

  • Smaller performance shape ideal for female riders
  • Highest rocker with narrow nose and tail
  • Durable and flexible Reflex Bamboo construction

Developed specifically for female riders, the Diamond is designed to blend speed and agility seamlessly. The narrow nose and tail open up the full turning ability each wave delivers. Geared for down-the-line riding, the reduced volume and narrower stance enable riding stability in higher winds and powerful surf. Built in the Reflex Bamboo construction, the flexible top deck and longitudinally oriented bottom deck deliver a responsive feel underfoot, in a more diverse range of conditions.

For more information on Airush 2020 Diamond Surf v4, please click here.

For more information on the Airush product line, please click here.

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