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3 months ago

2 min of mind-blowing action, captured by Kyle Cabano. Capturing the stories of inspiring people and being able to re-tell it to thousands is an…

3 months ago

Light Years Ahead- As a brand, Airush enjoys delivering a unique creative expression, with the concept shot in mind, the perfect lightwind setup ready to…

4 months ago

One of the key innovations within the IQR is the simplicity of the design, which enhances reliability and serviceability. It takes less than two minutes…

5 months ago

Enjoy the ride!

7 months ago

Nestled within the labyrinth of gulfs and limestone islands of Greece, Alex Pastor finds himself back in flatwater paradise!  With consistent tradewinds all year round,…

7 months ago

Designed with Alex Pastor to deliver mind-blowing pop and slack, the Razor is Airush's dedicated freestyle and wakestyle performance kite. With incredible unhooked capabilities, the…

8 months ago

Up the east coast of Cape Town lies well-renown flatwater spot, Witsand, and It is always a treat for Kyle Cabano to hit the road…

8 months ago

As a surfer-turned-kiter, it was only a matter of time before Kyle Cabano would combine the power of the wind with that of the curling…

8 months ago

Ultra Everything!  The Ultra v3 has yet again proven to be unbeatable for lightwind freeride performance, foiling, and wave riding alike. The exclusive Airush Load…