A playful introduction to kiteboarding! Harness your enthusiasm from the very first minute. Maximise your learning curve with this unique depower foil kite concept allowing you to quickly build trust while our B-Safe system keeps you safe. This kite is a must-have for safety-conscious teachers and ambitious students.


  • B-Safe System: When activated the B-Safe system reefs the kite along the A-level bridles to bring it down safely with very little remaining pull from the kite. The system can easily be reactive on water, land or snow.
  • Auto-Relaunch: The VIRON automatically relaunches with only a slight input from the steering lines and can be parked on the edge of the wind window.
  • Simple Bridle Concept (A+Z): Minimal bridle layout with just an A level and Z level. Pulleys on each tip increase bar feedback when steering. The flattening of the leading edge reduces surges in power when flying the kite across the window.
  • Impact Absorbing Technology: The internal construction of the kite allows air to escape during an impact. The materials used have elastic and abrasion resistant properties which together with bonded double seams and reinforcements in stress zones improve durability.
  • Automatic Drainage System: Openings in the wing tips allow water, sand, snow and dirt to be drained automatically.
  • Anit-invert Rope: A special cross-line which prevents the kite from inverting, which can cause the lines to get caught.
  • Self Inflatable: The rigid foils around the air intakes improve the VIRON’s self-inflation and allow it to keep its shape better when turning and make it more reactive.

“The VIRON makes your daily business simple; teaching has never been so comfortable!”


  • Safest closed-cell foil kite on the market f The best kite for teaching children
  • An enormous range of use
  • Extremely durable
  • “Ready to fly” with pre-installed fully-featured Connect Control Bar
  • Comprehensive package at a fair purchase price


The FLYSURFER VIRON helps you and your family get into kiteboarding together – allowing you to play with the elements in every season.


The FLYSURFER VIRON is a specialist tool used worldwide by kite schools to teach safety in conditions other schools cannot. This increases the number of hours you can teach, offers an excellent experience for the student and allows you to target new client groups.


The FLYSURFER VIRON will make your life as a kite instructor even more comfortable and more successful. The perfect device for lightweights and anxious students, teach with the safest multifunctional kite the kiteboarding market has to offer.

The B-Safe System

Kiteboarding is an extreme sport, and we are aware of the high risks which can be involved. The immediate loss of power and a controlled release of the kite is the outcome of our extensive safety tests. The easy reactivation makes the system even more advanced than a single front line safety.

Which control bar can be used with the VIRON3?

The VIRON3 is equipped with the B-Safe System and comes delivered as a „ready to fly” package with a pre-installed Connect Control Bar, which was specially developed for this purpose.

Is it possible to use the VIRON3 with shorter flying lines?

Yes, the Connect Control Bar has 14+7m flying lines; when you remove the extensions, you can use 14m lines for training/school/ strong wind usage.


The VIRON3 has an optimised bridle and more direct steering feedback, the integrated rigid foils allow for faster self-inflation of the kite and make the VIRON3 more reactive. The all-new B-Safe system, with anti-invert rope and 5th line Connect Bar, enables the VIRON3 to be even more safety optimised then it already was.

For more information on FLYSURFER Kiteboarding product range, please click here.

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