Over the last years, the world of Freestyle and Crossover kiting has evolved into an exciting genre in our sport. The 2019 Cabrinha FX is the go-to kite for freestyle, kiteloops & massive air.

What was once a very narrow and technical discipline is now a mix of technical tricks and massive aerial manoeuvres, both hooked-in and unhooked. For this, you need a kite with the sensitivity and ‘slack’ when unhooked and the ability to boost massive hooked-in kiteloops. The FX delivers on these two fronts and more with
the power and handling to take your riding seriously.

The 2019 FX Kite has three tuning options for riding styles. More depower provides maximum power delivery for boosting aerial tricks. More Line Slack provides the needed slack in the kite for unhooked tricks. The Standard / Factory setting gives you the happy medium for the perfect crossover ride.

For more information on Cabrinha 2019 FX, please click here.

Fri 12th Oct, 2018 @ 9:00 am

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