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Immerse yourself in our universe and philosophy and spend a good time browsing a brand new website. Discover our products & innovations, explore the world through our cold water trips stories and get to know our athletes better. To discover more… please click here.


Refined and functional, product pages give you detailed information about the product and the technologies we use. You will also have access to our custom fitting software to find your size in just a few clicks. To view our products page, please click here.


To read about the MANERA cold water trips and learn about the backstage of famous videos like Valhalla (Iceland) or Rugged point (Vancouver), please click here.


They are the faces of the brand, to get to know them better through videos and interviews, please click here.

And more… Browse Manera website and immerse yourself into our universe!

S T A Y  S A L T Y

Thu 19th Jul, 2018 @ 3:00 am

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