ION is committed to keeping you comfortable and happy both on and off the water. The 2018 ION accessories line includes Comfort Ponchos, Crushbags, and Foot Pads. Find out more from ION, below.

More than a decade ago ION was founded as ION essentials, focussing on wetsuits and neoprene accessories for the international kiting and windsurfing scene. A new part of the ION accessories range are the Poncho Comfort and the Poncho Comfort Muse. These mobile changing rooms and/or beach towels are made of 80% quick-drying materials,
therefore the ponchos do not only dry fast but are also very lightweight. Thanks to the super reduced packing size the
poncho will always fit no matter which bag you are taking to the spot.

From the very beginning, we made a point of offering high-quality accessories. Accessories may be small in size but they are an essential part of your sports equipment and they will make that important difference between the perfect day on the water or a total washout.

Additionally, it’s worth checking out the Crushbags. They come in two sizes (M up to 10m² kite size, L up to 14m² kite size), which provide a very simple way to decrease the size of your kite and transport it.

ION‘s Kiteboard Foot Pad provides firm footing on the board without using straps or wax. Pull off old wax because temperatures don‘t fit anymore is a thing of the past.

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About ION
ION – founded in 2004 – is one of the market leaders in wetsuits & accessories for wakeboarding, kite- and windsurfing.
ION’s products are a combination of the best quality, highest technical standards and a unique as well as progressive design to meet the requirements of kiting, windsurfing, wakeboarding, SUP and surfing. In 2013, this approach was transferred to mountain bike sports, which are the founder’s second big passion.

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